There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits – Robert Southey

Like literary genius Virginia Woolfe once said, the importance of a home and a room of one’s own cannot be undermined. Homes are critical to the very existence of individuals and fundamental societal structures. One can think, learn & unabashedly express themselves within the safe confines of their home. Your home is more than just a haven – it can be a true reflection of your personality, thoughts, moods and desires. Also, you can choose Staircase Ideas that make your house more attractive and unique.  This is precisely why home décor is more important than one would like to presume. However, home décor can also prove to be an expensive and daunting affair for most. Fancy furniture and artwork often bear a heavy price tag, making it impossible for people to truly express themselves in their homes. While it is easier to hop onto the IKEA bandwagon, going the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route can help add depth, character and warmth to one’s space at less than half the cost. Creative souls can opt for interior design courses in Bhopal to increase their knowledge of interior design. Interior design colleges in Bhopal offer interesting and creative courses for art & design enthusiasts. Rooted in history, tradition and aesthetics, Bhopal has always been a great center of art, craft, culture and design. Pursuing a design course from a university in Bhopal can open newer avenues for aspirants.

So, strap on your work boots, bring out your tools and transform your living space with these fun, quirky and budget-friendly décor ideas.


Painting is nothing short of a therapeutic experience. It is also a great way to breathe life into one’s home. For those planning on going rustic, Good Housekeeping recommends textured concrete walls. Grey paint, followed by dry brushing and buffing can help create a premium-looking textured concrete wall. One can also go for trendier colors like royal blue, sunset yellow, and periwinkle. A single painted wall can add great personality to your space. The uninitiated can also opt for short-term painting courses at a university in Bhopal.


There is nothing more saddening than empty gallery walls. Fill up your blank galleries with framed, self-made art. While it is easy to buy cheap frames, one can make quirky frames with driftwood, cardboard, or branches. Brush the wood with a coat of resin to create an expensive and premium looking frame


If you’re a nature lover, pressed plant frames can be the right choice for your home. Press and preserve flowers and leaves on handmade paper. Put this in a beautiful frame and you’ve got yourself a piece of nature-inspired art.


Another option for lovers of flora and fauna. Not only do indoor plants look beautiful as living room accessories, but also have a multitude of health benefits. Snake Plant and pink aglaonema, for instance, are low maintenance plants that have air-purifying properties. The unique texture and color of these plants also help add character to a home.


Rope Mirrors look incredibly gorgeous and are also super easy to assemble. This simple mirror can make any wall look elegant. You will only need some tape, nails, jute twine and a circular mirror to create this beautiful wall accessory.


Old iron trunks are often spotted in Indian households. While these trusty trunks are sturdy durable and useful, their look is not one to die for. So, pick up some spray paint and wallpaper to create quirky army trunks. If you’re inspired by kitsch-art and have rusty trunks at home, refurbishing can prove to be a great option. These repainted trunks can be used as a bedside table-cum-storage space.


Good Housekeeping recommends using old books to create elegant bedside tables. Stick a dowel through old and unused encyclopedias to create quirky side tables for your bedroom and living room


Something as simple as fairy lights in old glass bottles can do lots to fix the lighting of your home. Crinkle unused Diwali lights and stuff them in an old soft drink/wine bottle to create these beautiful lights. Place these in and around a wall, shelf or ledge to liven up your room.


A photo wall can never go out of vogue. Utilize old Christmas or Diwali lights to achieve the best results. Stick lights on a blank wall, attach pictures of your loved ones, along with all that you hold dear, and boom! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous photo wall with zero effort.


Terrariums can be a great addition to your home, especially if you’re a plant enthusiast with no experience or expertise in gardening. Terrariums not only allow you to control the growing temperature and environment of your plants but also allow you to play with decorations. A terrarium in a quiet corner of the house, or a lonely spot on a shelf or bedside table can do lots to brighten up your house.

 In a nutshell, simple DIY pieces can help add great depth and character to your space. Make sure to choose pieces that reflect your personality to the fullest and add elegance. According to an article published by Shutterfly, it is important to use pieces that resonate with you. It is not necessary to head to expensive furniture stores to find pieces that breathe life into your home – refurbishing old and abandoned objects, or simply taking on new art projects can do lots to help make your house a home. If you are not confident in your creative skills, take up some interior design courses in Bhopal to learn the basics of art and design. Interior design colleges in Bhopal also offer online and part-time courses to enthusiasts which you should explore to bring out the best in you and your home.