You can look at emergency funding options like a freelance writer, tutor, translator, virtual assistant, and more.

College is where you gain experience and make friends for life. Moreover, many people claim that college is the happiest time of your life, so you should not miss a single opportunity. However, not every student in California has enough money to cope with expenses, attend paid events, and so on. That is why every year more and more students continue to look for additional sources of income, otherwise you will be in need to apply for payday loan in California. So, if you’re studying in California and want to learn how to make extra money.

10 Best Ways to Make Money for California Students

While some students continue to look for excuses not to get a job, others have been earning extra money a long time ago and spending it to make their student life unforgettable. Don’t know where to start? Not sure what job is suitable for California students? Below are the top 10 ways you can get extra money while in college. 

1. Become a freelance writer.

If you have a good level of English and sufficient writing skills, you can always earn extra money as a freelance writer. Now there are a huge number of sites, blogs, pages on social networks and other things that need content. So you can write articles, posts, and more and earn extra funding online in California. Also, this way of earning is quite suitable for students because you can do it any time convenient for you while sitting in your room, library or any other free time.

2. Turn a hobby into a job

If you are a creative person who is passionate about something, it will never be difficult for you to get extra cash. For example, you can sell your paintings, make jewelry, knit scarves or sweaters, sculpt with clay, and so on. If you don’t know how to monetize your creative skills, you can always open a virtual store on Instagram, Facebook or sites like My Crafts or Etsy. Thus, you will not only develop in your favorite business, but also receive extra money while studying in college.

3. Become a translator

If you know one or more foreign languages, then getting money will be as easy as possible. A huge number of different businesses, schools, organizations and others need good translators and their services. This job can be done online or offline, but California has a huge number of options that you can fit into your college schedule.

4. Become a tutor

If you are good at one or the other, then tutoring is a great option as you can earn quite a decent amount of money while studying at a college in California. You can provide your services both online and offline, depending on what is convenient for you. Many students offer tutoring services to both school students and their classmates who cannot cope with the workload on their own.

5. Become a virtual assistant

If you want to get a job online, then you should definitely consider the vacancy of a virtual assistant. Now more and more people and business owners are looking for online assistants to do small tasks such as answering emails, making appointments, booking flights and hotels, doing some research tasks and more. Most often, such work does not require any special skills, so California students will be able to cope with both it and their studies without any problems.

6. Create an online course

Another great opportunity to make money for people who are good in a particular subject is to create their own course. You can develop your own program aimed at improving knowledge in a particular area. Make sure this course is unique and good enough before you sell it. The advantage of this option is that you will spend the time to create it once, but you will receive income an unlimited number of times. Also, if you can’t do it on your own, you can team up with other California students who are interested in additional income and create a course together.

7. Rent your car

Many students do not use their car often enough as they spend a lot of time studying on campus. So, if you are one of them, you can rent your car to people who need it and earn extra passive income every month.

8. Sell things you don’t need

Perhaps the easiest way for California students to raise money is to sell their stuff. Many students have unnecessary gadgets, old notes, wardrobe items that they do not use, jewelry, and so on. All this can bring a good amount, which will be enough to cover current expenses.

9. Become a babysitter or petsitter

If you love animals or get along well with children, then this income option will be the most suitable for you. Surely there are families nearby with children or animals who need help and are willing to pay for it. This way you can have fun and earn extra cash for your needs.

10. Clean houses

Also, many college students start their careers cleaning houses. Of course, this can take some time, but as a rule, such work is well paid. After you clear a few houses, people will become aware of you and you will have a lot more work to do to earn extra funding.

So, as you can see, getting additional college funding for California students is not as difficult as it sounds. Keep looking at options and trying different areas to see what works for you.