Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Melbourne city is famous among people due to its greenery, cultural varieties, the old buildings of Victorian Era and eye-catching seaside lines. There are many attractive picture locations well over Melbourne city. These places are standard for brides and grooms and also for Melbourne wedding photographers to get shot during their wedding. We have collected a list for you. Here are our Top 15 famous Melbourne Wedding Photo Sites:

  • Hosier Lane 

(Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000)

  • Parliament House 

(Spring Street, Melbourne)

  • Brighton Beach 

(Brighton Beach, Brighton)

  • Albert Park Lake 

(Albert Park, Victoria 3206)

  • St Kilda Beach 

(St Kilda, VIC 3182)

  • Flinders Street Station 

(Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000)

  • Federation Square

(Swanston Street & Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000)

  • Melbourne University 

(Melbourne University, Parkville VIC 3010)

  • Treasury Gardens 

(2-18 Spring Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002)

  • Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens 

(9 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053)

  • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne 

(Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141)

  • Eureka Skydeck 

(7 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006)

  • Fitzroy Gardens 

(Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002)

  • St Kilda Beach 

(St Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria)

  • Southbank Promenade

(Southbank, Melbourne 3006)

Hosier Lane For Wedding

Hosier Lane is the perfect location to stay to capture your constantly valued of your couple’s beauty in wedding photos. Placed in the heart of Melbourne, this street art laneway is famed for visitors. And, with street and drawings artists tally to the walls as you watch, Hosier Lane is a skill like no other. If you want fashionable pictures that capture the accurate core of what creates Melbourne great, then Hosier Lane is the perfect place to make exclusive and creative wedding photography.

Parliament House For Wedding 

Parliament House is perfect for those people who see something grand, typical, and remarkable as background to their wedding pictures. If you are expecting to visit Parliament House on your day. So keep in mind that this specific place is located in a very busy and standard location in Melbourne.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is the perfect place for those who are searching for a beach photography site with a point of variance. Famed for its colorful beach washing boxes, visitors group to Brighton Beach morally to marvel in their original beauty. Those who are involved in staying at Brighton Beach on their wedding ceremony day frequently grip their ceremony or reception everywhere nearby as it is not the nearby beach place.

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park has sufficient space to generate your dream wedding pictures. This grassland is perfect for garden ceremonies overseeing the lake and has plenty of waterside wedding greeting places nearby for those watching to just duck away for some insufficient hours for their shots to capture the all beauty of their special day. 

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach is perfect for those who want to make prototypical beach wedding pictures. This Beach is standard due to its closeness to nearby St Kilda party and reception locations, meaning ideal wedding photography chances are frequently only a walk away. Due to this, St Kilda Beach’s nearness to locations fits the comfortable nature of a beach.

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is perfect for those wanting to combine Melbourne past into their valued wedding pictures. If you are attracted, keep in mind that it is frequently hard to start up your pictures in a place that is so generally used by the Melbourne public. There is little to no planned you will capture the iconic structure without a limited public in your shot, so if privacy is significant to you, maybe it is the best option to think again.

Federation Square

Federation Square is the perfect location to take your pictures if your reception is located in the locality. As this place is extremely busy at all times. There may be some effort with places your wedding transportation nearby. This may current itself as a barricade (pun intended) and may excess valued photoshoot time.

Melbourne University

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s second from the past university. Highlighting period construction, the University of Melbourne is identified for creating typical and eternal wedding photography. It is a standard place for future wedding couples watching for someplace to capture the beauty of wedding pictures because of its history, gothic attraction, and amazingly attractive grounds.

Treasury Gardens

Situated on the south-eastern side of the Melbourne CBD, and containing 14.4 acres of grassland, Treasury Gardens has sufficient space to accommodate your wedding ceremony photoshoot requirements. Due to its nearness to the CBD, Treasury Gardens is perfect for anybody scheduling a Melbourne city wedding. Treasury Gardens is public grassland, and you may fascinate some viewers during your photoshoot.

Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

A sample of Victorian landscape strategy, the comprehensive lawns of Carlton Gardens displays European and Australian tree plantings, and structures a network of tree-lined tracks emphasizing the fountains and building of the Royal Display Building. It is for the reason that of its historical, architectural, artistic, social beauty, and technical importance that the Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building is so standard between couples scheduling their wedding photos.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

This milestone is also a fan favorite among travelers visiting Melbourne city. If you are observing for a private photoshoot place that has a slight chance of consuming multiple wedding parties struggling for the same shot. On the other hand, the pure area of the gardens means couples and their wedding ceremony can merely discover another beautiful spot.

Eureka Skydeck

Eureka and its Sky deck is popular traveler desirability for those staying in Melbourne city. Tower is legendarily identified for its remark deck known as Eureka Skydeck 88. The Skydeck is the top public vantage point in a structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Creating it a standard choice for couples to enhance their beauty and looking for unique photos overseeing all Melbourne has to deal with.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens is full of excessive photoshoot chances for festivities. Similar to other standard Melbourne wedding photoshoot places, Fitzroy Gardens is recognized for being a visitor beautiful and therefore always crawling with people. Especially on days with enjoyable weather. We notify that couples may have to delay their turn as visitors and wedding festivities maybe after the equal photo chances.

St Kilda Beach For Wedding

St Kilda Beach is a favorite between those penetrating for beautiful wedding photoshoot places in Melbourne. Recognized as Melbourne’s most famed beach, St Kilda Beach is the perfect chance for beach-loving couples to detention beach pictures irrespective of their wedding theme or scene site. And, with its close nearness to the iconic Luna Park, couples can use the theme park as background for their exclusive wedding photos.

Southbank Promenade For Wedding

Southbank is an internal urban neighborhood full of exclusive wedding photo locations. Promenade and Shopping Precinct, customary on the Yarra River, is measured as one of Melbourne’s main entertainment areas and for that reason a great chance for dynamic, essentially Melbourne pictures for wedding albums. So wedding festivities can utilize both general wedding photoshoot places in one fell pounce.