Nowadays, up to 57% of businesses are using mobile apps to go digital and expand their business. And after Flutter, almost every single developer who gives preference to Flutter framework to build a cross-platform app that can run on multiple devices, and the best part is developers don’t need to rewrite the entire code as they can use 50%-80% of the code and create the cross-platform apps.

Being a popular cross-platform application development tool, Flutter has won developers’ hearts because of its power and versatility. Flutter has become the first choice and most reliable choice for keeping businesses.

Flutter comes up with multiple tools that are easy to use, scalable, as well as quick. One of the finest UIs on the market, thanks to its outstanding UI.

So, whether you are willing to hire flutter app developers or want to build an Android or iOS app by yourself, Flutter offers a streamlined as well as efficient development process that can save developers’ time and entrepreneurs’ money.

However, to create the app based on Flutter technology, developers will require to have the effective and right tools at their disposal. To collect the details on same topic, keep on reading this blog to know the best flutter app development tools to use in 2023.

Why Flutter?

Google launched Flutter which is an open-source SDK that constantly releases updates with new features & improved performance. Flutter’s popularity is gaining day by day and is now one of the top 4 app development frameworks available nowadays.

In just two years Flutter has attracted a huge community of around 2M users. We can understand the vast potential of Flutter-based applications by these numbers.

We can expect that Flutter is going to give a bright future to the development industry. For that reason, hire flutter developers or connect with reputable as well as reliable Flutter app development companies today and invest in this incredible technology.

Essential Flutter App Development Tools For Developing Successful Mobile Apps

Being an open-source toolkit, Flutter is perfect for developing efficient, eye-catchy, and user-friendly apps. Though, if you come from a tech background then you must know the importance of using the right development tools while creating apps.

Keep on reading this blog to know the top 20 Flutter app development tools that can help you to create spectacular, high-performance mobile apps in no time.

Have a glimpse at the essential Flutter development tools

Glance at the essential Flutter development tools that would help you in creating feature-rich and amazing mobile apps.


Panache is one of the excellent flutter development tools utilized by over 40M app developers worldwide.

Being a material editor for Flutter, Panache lets you create themes and layouts for your applications. Additionally, you can quickly customize shapes, colors, layouts, designs, and other theme elements that can be converted as .dart files to your Flutter mobile app Drive folder using Panache.

By using the Panache tool, your hired development team can create hyper-customizable & deeply appealing materials, layouts, and themes for your Flutter app. Panache is one of the free and open-source tools frequently utilized by Flutter app developers.

Glance at the aspects:

  • Create effortless eye-catchy material themes 
  • Offer customizable shapes, colors, and widgets
  • Absolutely free & open-source
  • User-friendly as well as easy to work with

Code Magic 

This tool allows you to create, test and deliver your mobile app with ease. By utilizing this Code Magic tool, you can simply eliminate the configuration process as well as quickly launch your mobile application.

Apart from this, Code Magic also offers an automated process to test as well as develop your mobile application, resulting in hassle-free integration & easy delivery of the mobile application.

Key Features

  • Integration with 3rd-party services to automate the CI/CD process
  • Easy to set up & use

Android Studio

This one is a widely used Flutter development tool. It is the ideal IDE for developing applications for Google’s Android platform, supporting Android Software Development Kits, Android emulators, & AVDs (Android Virtual Devices). This one is the best choice for developing responsive apps quickly. 

Key Features

  • Helps to write code, test, and run the mobile app on multiple devices such as tablets, computers, mobile, and more
  • Rapid & feature-rich emulator
  • Offers widget editing capabilities
  • Analyzing APK

Flutter DevTools 

DevTools provides multiple features such as performance profiling, source-level debugging, and hot reload support for faster mobile app development.

Moreover, DevTools also offers a timeline view, widget inspector, and logging view for a better understanding of the performance of applications.

Key Aspects

  • Source-level debugging 
  • Performance profiling
  • Support of Hot reload for faster development

Test Magic

This is a Flutter-based test automation tool that simply lets developers test as well as deploy the beta applications for both iOS & Android. For Flutter, it is another best IDE that lets you run tests on multiple devices, including mobile & desktop.

Additionally, to manage provisioning profiles & add test gadgets, you can also utilize Test Magic with Code Magic.

Key Features

  • Can perform E2E testing
  • Supports multiple file formats & DBs
  • Simple UI


This is one of the Chrome apps that simply enables you to mirror your Android screen to your computer without the requirement for an emulator. By connecting your computer and mobile utilizing a USB cable, you can very easily share your screen as well as manage your mobile apps.

Key Features

  • Allows app management
  • Drag & drop option available
  • Rich-quality mirroring
  • Enables taking screenshots


Being a cross-platform mobile app creation tool, Appetize makes it easy as well as reliable to release Flutter-based gaming applications for both iOS and Android.

It also helps you to shorten the time to market, as it enables you to execute native mobile apps in JavaScript & HTML format in your browser. In addition to that, it can be utilized to quickly develop, design, test, train, as well as execute mobile application demos.

Key Features

  • In-browser application previews for both iOS and Android
  • Rapid deployments
  • Best for mobile application demos, testing, and customer support


This tool converts mobile designs from Sketch into exquisite projects. In other words, the Supernova tool simplifies asset creation & deduplication when you import your mobile application design & lets you see live code alterations as you update the design. Also, this technology eliminates the need for separate UIs, which makes use of native elements.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-design code
  • Produces simple-to-use formats
  • Easy & uncomplicated iterations
  • Intelligent prototyping

Adobe XD Plugin 

Adobe XD plugin enables you to generate interactive prototypes with an effortless design workflow.

With the Adobe XD plugin, you can prototype, wireframe, and animate, all in one location, & it can be utilized on web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Key Features

  • Clean & simple User Interface
  • Enables asset management
  • Effective layout & designing


This tool focuses on data privacy & security. Basically, it assists mobile application developers to customize their products to fit the specific customers’ requirements by optimizing customer experiences on large digital platforms.

Key Features

  • Shows in-app analytics
  • Track investors & conversions
  • Better UX with a single dashboard

Visual Studio Code

This tool is one of the free & open-source editors available in Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Usually, it enables version control, & task execution, and assists in the creation & debugging of cloud and web applications. With its extension & theme support, it can be highly customized to suit your requirements.

Key Aspects

  • Fast & lightweight features
  • Supports integrated GIT, code refactoring, code snippets, & syntax highlighting


This tool provides you access to backend services for applications. For example, databases, data authentication, hosting, and storage. With this tool, you can sync & message data across macOS, Unity, Android, web, and iOS applications in real time.

Key Aspects

  • Real-time updates
  • Enables A/B testing
  • Measuring & tracking performance
  • DB integration


RevenueCat tool supports Stripe, Android, and iOS. RevenueCat tool provides a complete package for mobile application marketing analytics, conversion, & proper tracking utilizing MMR, churn rate, and LTR.

This tool will let you easily test prices get more detailed reporting, as well as implement flexible subscriptions & purchases.

Key Aspects

  • Detailed reporting
  • Easy subscriptions & purchases
  • Flexible implementation


Instabug tool gives contextual analytics in real time. Instabug tool is perfect for bug reporting, surveys, in-app crash reporting, & aspect requests for Flutter mobile applications.

By integrating Instabug’s Flutter Software Development Kit, you can permit users to report bugs without leaving your mobile application.

Key Aspects

  • Bug reporting
  • Crash reporting
  • App performance monitoring
  • User surveys


This tool enables you to locate the source of your users & assign mobile application installs to particular advertising campaigns.

In actuality, the AppsFlyer tool links with over six hundred media partners & gives a dashboard view of how your marketing channels & campaigns are performing across devices & mobile applications.

Key Aspects

  • Effortless user engagement
  • Real-time application performance analysis
  • Attribution of customer touchpoints


Sylph tool that works on Windows, Linux, CI environments, and MAC.

It supports 100s of Android and iOS devices & integrates seamlessly with AWS Device Farm.

Key Aspects

  • Creation of testable iOS to debug applications
  • Effortless testing process
  • Support hundred-plus devices in a single run

Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK is used to build rich-quality native applications for Android and iOS platforms.

It is based on Dart. Also, you can enjoy a hot reloading function, with the help of which you can instantly see the code changes.

Key Aspects

  • Hot reloading function
  • Ability to develop UIs and animated transitions using rich widgets
  • Extensive library of widgets designed for contemporary mobile apps


The square tool assists businesses to manage payments. By utilizing this technology, you can easily accept payments. The platform has more than 2M businesses & over 100M registered users.

Key Aspects

  • Reflexive layout
  • Easy payment processing
  • Real-time updates

Bit Rise 

This one is a Platform as a Service that focuses on creating mobile apps. It gives resources that assist in automating software projects. Besides that, it helps in integrating with 3rd-party CI services such as Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab.

Key Aspects

  • Better Automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Fastest Delivery

One Signal 

Being an analytics tool one signal assists in tracking the performance of the application and UX. You can identify which aspects are utilized the most. Additionally, you can determine analytics for web, Android, and iOS applications with this tremendous tool.

Key Aspects

  • Several channels for receiving notifications
  • Easy-to-use & understand
  • Aspect options for sending customized messages to specific target groups

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