Dental emergencies are no fun. They are often painful enough to stop you in your tracks and turn your whole life upside down until you’ve found a professional to address your issue. Excruciating tooth pain can leave you doing a Google search for an “emergency dentist near me.”

When you have a dental emergency, it can seem like there is no escape from the excruciating pain. Most people in this situation are willing to see the very first “emergency dentist near me” who can fit them in. Intense shooting dental pain can prompt you to pay almost any price and take all necessary steps to alleviate the discomfort. 

While there are multiple conditions that can constitute a dental emergency, here are the top 3 most common dental emergencies seen by professionals. 

Tooth/Teeth Get Knocked Out

Nothing turns your world upside down like a missing tooth and it’s always unexpected. Teeth can be knocked out while playing contact sports, goofing off in the pool, in an automobile crash, or sometimes just in freak accidents. While teeth are some of the hardest substances in your body, the simple truth is that it doesn’t take that much pressure to knock a tooth out of its socket. If you can preserve the tooth properly and immediately see an “emergency dentist near me,” then you may be able to save your tooth in some cases. 

Painful Abscess or Infected Tooth

Unfortunately, cavities can grow in your mouth long before any symptoms alert you of their presence. Dental decay can cause agonizing infections that seem to start suddenly. Besides pain, a dental abscess can cause fever, lethargy, temperature sensitivity, and even selling. Left untreated, a painful abscess or severe infection can spread to other parts of the body posing an additional hazard. It is crucial to find an “emergency dentist near me” immediately. Many times, an abscess or infection must be treated with certain types of antibiotics before the underlying issue can be resolved. 

Cracked or Chipped Teeth 

Lacerations and cracked or chipped teeth absolutely constitute a dental emergency and can be dangerous if left untreated. Sometimes these areas bleed profusely which requires the immediate attention of an “emergency dentist near me.” This can be the result of a slip and fall accidents, oral injury, dental decay, or even biting down on hard food. If this happens, follow the procedures outlined above for your specific situation and find an “emergency dentist near me” Immediately. 

Look For A Emergency Dental Office Near You

Regular dental care and routine cleanings are essential to your health, and they help prevent decay that can lead to dental emergencies. You should build a relationship with your dentist and keep his emergency number on speed dial. Accidents are a part of life and almost everyone suffers a dental emergency at some point in time. Being prepared is the best way to ensure you get adequate dental care when emergencies do arise. Practice good oral hygiene and do not wait to find an “emergency dentist near me” when there is a painful dental emergency. 

If you don’t know where to find the nearest dental clinic in your area, you can search for a term like ‘dentist near me Kissimmee’ on the internet. Doing so will provide you with a list of dental professionals near you.