I was chatting, with my family on Zoom. They consist of my father, mother, and sister Radhika. We were recalling the days; we used to play together in the living room.

“Raju, look at our pictures”. My sister pointed out our photo frame, on the wall.” Yes Radhika, I remember, it was our first day in school. “Father dropped us on his motorbike”. I recalled.

Radhika asked me about the gifts, I will give to her when she will tie the Rakhi. “I will come”, I just joked with her.” “Why not, but I want a gift as well”. “Sure you’ll get a surprise from me”.

It was nighttime, in Chennai, and afternoon time, in Los Angeles. I just had lunch with Dossa and vegetables. My eyes were wet, I was sad about being away from them. I took out the photos of my family, from the wallet.

I couldn’t reach in Diwali. I just watch on the Zoom’s screen, lights decorated our home. All were happy but were missing me.

So I search on Google, about the gifts, for Radhika:


I came across some elegant and beautiful designs. Some were blackheads, with silver straps. Another was gold-plated. It was looking absolutely majestic. The hands were also golden in color.

The good thing was that it had a warranty in India as well. The casing of it was commendable. It was a white color, with the name of the company in the golden print.

The outside side was circular. On the correct side, on no. 3 there was a rectangle, which was showing the date. It was grey, from the outside, and white from inside.

The strap was also golden in color. Steel was used to make it. On the right-hand side contained the crown. The time can be set by pulling it and moving it in both directions.

Caterpillar Shoes

My sister is also undergraduate student. She traveled on a bus. She was wearing a frock with different designs on it.  I ordered caterpillar shoes pakistan. It will make her comfortable, and easy to move around.

She will not exhausted, of it. Radhika also takes interest in sports activities. She won the gold medal, in the inter-college championship of handball. She shared her picture with me on Facebook.

In summer vacations, she joined a mountain climbing club. I was totally shocked and happy for her. I encouraged, her to work on it, as a regular hobby.


When I saw her hands, there were the only bangles. My next present for Radhika was a bracelet. It was gold-plated. It was adjustable. That was the main advantage. There were white stones, engraved on its surface.

I was thinking, of ordering a pair. It will complement the bangles. She can also wear on any other function as well, such as Holi, etc.

She has many clothes, which will be a perfect match with it. I visualized her in a red dress, with red bangles, bracelet, and sandal, with a long and thin heel.


It is an integral part of our Indian culture, and tradition women wear sarees   . There were many designers’ wears. I loved the golden color sari, with full of embroideries. The blouse was red in color.

My sister will look like a bride in it. She was engaged. Her marriage, a ceremony will be decided soon. The priest will give us the lucky day and time. My family had prepared a long list of dowry. I had sent some dollars for it.

Her room was filled with it. For instance,   wooden wardrobe, her clothes etc. We Indians, do the arrangements for the wedding ceremony.


Few days from the Rakhsha Bandhan, I arrived on a surprise visit. My family wasn’t expecting me. I knocked the door. Radhika opened the door. She cannot believe that I was standing in front of her. She called our mother loudly. My mother rushed to the door. My sister hugged me, and my mother was watching the sky, thanking God for my safe return.

My father also came, from outside, the plastic bags, containing the grocery, fell from his hands.” Raju, I am happy to see you, my son.” He just embarrassed me in his arms.

I had bought some shirts and lungi for my father. My mother also took some different-sized sarees.

I kept a separate suitcase for Radhika. She was sitting next to me. I told her to close her eyes. She had kept the Rakhi, next to me.

She rotated the plate, prayed for me. Then she wrapped the Rakhi in my hand. She put some sweets, in my mouth. I ate some, and then put the rest in her mouth.

I saw the tears of happiness, in the eyes of Radhika. I ran short of words, to describe that special moment, in our lives.