We present you with the best way to practice your poker skills. Click here and learn to become an advanced poker player in just a few days. 

Repetitio est mater studiorum. One of the greatest sayings we could all implement in our lives – and poker. If you wish to excel in the game, you need to practice your poker skills. Though poker is considered a game of skill, it still requires a special skillset and strategy if you wish to succeed. 

The best way to start off is by reading more about the game. First, you need to establish a firm foundation of your knowledge. Then, you can use different resources to expand your knowledge. Websites like onlinecasinocrawler.com can provide you with an insight into the game’s mechanics. Even better – you can find numerous casino offers, deals for poker players and reviews there, all in one place.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to play poker and even find great online casinos should you wish to showcase your skills. In the following lines, however, we’ll show you the best apps you can use to increase your poker skills. 

How to Thrive in Poker

Every beginning is difficult. Even at the sunrise of your career, many obstacles await you. You’ll often hear players complaining about their poker experience. This is because most of them make common mistakes. Less experienced players often jump the gun and enroll with real money casinos before establishing a firm foundation of their knowledge. 

If you wish to have a more quality gambling experience, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Learn the basics
  • Read more about the game and watch tutorials
  • Learn at least one strategy
  • Practice your poker skills

We’re not saying this guide should be your poker Bible. We have to consider everyone as an individual. However, if you follow this simple handbook, you’ll notice progress in a breeze

Learning the Basics

If you wish to excel in poker, you have to know the basics of the game. In the beginning, it’s not about winning or losing. You shouldn’t care about your score. What you should focus on is knowing the basic rules of the game by heart. Your attention should be turned to learning everything about:

  • The pack
  • Card values
  • How and when to bet
  • Chips
  • Banker
  • Wagering limits
  • Pot limit
  • Different game variations

Only when you fully understand the game’s structure will you be able to comprehend advanced game strategies. 

Poker Tutorials as a Safe Haven

Watching professionals in action is one of the best ways to improve your gaming skills. By observing, you can watch how great poker players handle challenging situations. Moreover, you can pick up a few strategies that’ll help you in further developing your gameplay. Though, admittedly, finding the right tutorial is not an easy job. 

We have to consider whether some trainers will fit you more or less. Finding a suitable material will take time. But, having theoretical knowledge will help you practice your poker skills later. This is why it’s important to be persistent while finding adequate training. In the end, it’ll pay off, without question. 

Learning Poker Strategies

You’ll often hear poker is the game of chance. Hence, some claim skill has little to do with the game’s outcome. Respectively, we disagree on this subject. Poker is one of the most exciting online casino games you’ll encounter. Luck is one of the vital factors. During your poker career, you’ll win a few games on pure luck. 

However, poker is mostly about knowledge, strategy, and psychology. You’ll find the game has many tactics. Still, as a beginner, you don’t have to own it all. It’s enough to learn at least one basic strategy and stick to it. Later, you’ll find learning other tactics is much easier as you build up your knowledge of the game and gain more experience.

Practise Makes Perfect

Becoming a poker master is not easy. You have to put hours to work before becoming ready to take on against solid players. You need to burn the midnight oil if you want to know poker backwards and forwards. After you learn theory, practice is all that is left. We’re here to do the legwork for you, and this is why we’ll present you with the best apps to practice your poker skills

World Series of Poker

There’s no living poker enthusiast that hasn’t heard about one of the largest poker events in its long history. The WSOP made many poker players famous. This is how we heard about legends like Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Hosseain Ensan, and many others. Thanks to this app, you can enter the World Series of Poker hall of fame. At least virtually. 

This app stands out with an easy-to-navigate platform, which is precisely what you need if you’re just entering the world of online poker. Moreover, you can expect to receive tons of free chips and the possibility of winning virtual WSOP bracelets. You can even travel (again, virtually) and enjoy tournaments in Atlantic City, Paris, Tokyo, Sidney, and Las Vegas. 

Poker Copilot

Many would agree this app is sophisticated yet straightforward to use. Though initially developed for Mac devices, this app can be used on Windows, Android, and iOS. The app is brimming with useful features like Leak Detector. Essentially, this is an algorithm that follows your play and provides you with a score. Hence, it allows you to keep track of your progression. 

The platform supports a variety of tournaments should you decide to test your knowledge against fellow poker lovers. Thus, you can enroll in regular and sit-and-go tournaments. The app helps you analyze your play. Within the replayer option, you can review your hands and learn as you go. 


If you intend to practice your poker skills, you should look no further than one of the most renowned poker apps. Having premiered in 2001, PokerStars quickly became the leading poker learning platform. The app supports a multitude of useful features like multi-tables and the ability to search and review other players’ hands. The app will work flawlessly on Android and iPhone devices. However, you should be careful if you’re using a different OS. Finally, the app will double your deposit should you decide to enjoy some real money play.