bedroom remodeling

A bedroom remodeling project is one of the most significant ways to change your home. If you’re a workaholic or an outdoors person, the bedroom will be the area of your home where you’ll spend the majority of your day. In other words, this remodeling project is worth your time and your resources. Still, just because you have the motivation (potentially even means) to perform this transformation, this doesn’t mean that you know how to do this.

The key features to focus on are:

·         Visuals

·         Function

·         How it fits your overall remodeling plan

If there’s an idea that meets all three of these features, then there’s no doubt about it being the right choice. Let’s start with the last part.

1.      Basic perimeters

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that this project has numerous limitations, which is why you need to learn how to set your priorities straight. Therefore, you should:

·         Set your budget

·         Choose a style

·         Determine your needs

All three of these things are quite unique and every single project has different answers. Do you sleep alone? Do you have pets that are going to share the bed with you? What is your favorite color? Sure, the psychology of colors suggests that we react instinctively to some colors in different ways (for instance, yellow makes us relax), however, this is not the same for everyone.

Make sure that you make choices that are suited to your own needs. After all, the bedroom is the most intimate area in the house.

2.      Reading area

Making your bedroom dual-purpose can be quite an interesting concept. Namely, it’s something you should do in order to give yourself a reason to spend time in the bedroom even when you’re not going to sleep. The thing is that a lot of people make it into a bedroom-home-office, which is a bad idea for several reasons. First of all, thematically, you want to separate the place where you work from the place where you come to rest… for thematic reasons. Second, a dual-purpose home office is not eligible for tax deductions. All in all, when choosing a second function for the room, a reading nook is your safest choice.

3.      Fitting furniture

Measure everything!

There’s no piece of advice that’s more important than choosing furniture that fits. However, while measuring make sure that you understand that it shouldn’t be a wall-to-wall situation either. Also, keep in mind that while the bed is a centerpiece of the bedroom, elegant bedside tables can set the tone and the theme for the entire area. Some people love to have a mirror in the bedroom so that they can take a look at themselves as soon as they get up. Others keep a vanity there for their morning routine. Then again, there are those who see a mirror as the last thing that they would ever add to their bedroom. Once again, it’s subjective.

4.      Bedroom flooring

When it comes to choosing bedroom flooring, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. First of all, you want something warm, even if you’re going to add a rug. People simply love to walk barefooted across the bedroom floor and you shouldn’t deny yourself this pleasure. Wall-to-wall carpet is the warmest but also the hardest to maintain. The hardwood floor is resilient, warm and elegant. The problem is that it’s relatively expensive. Bamboo and cork are two inexpensive alternatives to hardwood but they’re not as resilient. They are, nonetheless, soft (almost spongy), which might be a feature that you didn’t even know you want on a bedroom floor.

5.      Floor-to-ceiling curtains

The last thing you need is an absolute dark in order to enhance the production of melatonin in your organism. Namely, this is a hormone that is supposed to put you to sleep and it’s produced in the absolute dark. The problem is that with all the exterior lighting and light pollution in urban environments, complete dark will be unavailable (unless you invest in heavy curtains). Also, unless you rise with the sun, chances are that your rest will be interrupted by sun rays. Once again, while blinds do provide some help, a proper floor-to-ceiling curtain can do a much better job and add more elegance to the area.

In conclusion

There are days when you will have to take your meals outside, days where you won’t get to turn on the TV but your bedroom is the only room in the house that you’re bound to use every single day. Organizing it so that it provides you with great recharge opportunities is always a top priority. All of the above-listed five remodeling tips will help turn your next project into a resounding success. Just make sure that you pay as much attention to the functionality as you do to the aesthetics.


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