If the students and scholars of past ages could see the available resources, they would envy the future. Because never before did humanity have access to so much information and knowledge that could help them progress in the pursuit of knowledge. But now, students have access to unbound knowledge and numerous excellent resources that can help them during their education. Also, Student Homes Liverpool is one of the best choices that help students to continue its study.

Despite so much knowledge available, college is still hard due to the increasing competition in every field and the complexity of education. Hence, having a successful and fruitful college career can be more difficult than you realize. Remember that college isn’t only about education but your preparation to live your life as an independent person. You must be responsible for every element of your life, including your routine, food, rent, work, and education. Because it is most likely your first experience away from home. When there are so many responsibilities on your shoulders, and you can’t compromise on your education, the best course of action is to use different learning tools and resources. Some of them are:

1. Desmos 

College students have to take several courses on math, and it is a subject that students tend to struggle with the most. One of the most reliable online math resources for this purpose is Desmos. It is a web-based interactive tool designed primarily for students, guiding them to solve math problems. Desmos contains a four-function internet calculator, a scientific calculator, and a geometry tool. These tools differ depending on a beginner, intermediate, or advanced math challenges. Best of all, Desmos is completely free to use. 

2. Chegg 

Chegg is a jack of all trades regarding student productivity tools. It can help you deal with several educational problems. For example, suppose you’re having issues solving some math or numerical problem. In that case, Chegg will provide you with the answer to that problem and also walk you through the solution step by step. Students can also use Chegg to make flashcards of their own or select from the study flashcards available.

Moreover, Chegg can also help detect plagiarism and mistakes from essays and articles so that students don’t have to face issues later on when they submit the assignment. Chegg also provides help from professional educationists regarding every subject and topic. Students can also use it to create cover letters, look for internships, and even prepare for their interviews. We were not kidding when we said that Chegg is a jack of all trades. 

3. Canva 

Dealing with the graphics aspect of a presentation or assignment can get highly frustrating, especially when the document’s graphic charts or elements have to be formatted. Not to mention that creating designs and charts that are visually attractive and help you stand out from your peers is a daunting task. But worry not, as Canva helps in simplifying the process considerably. Canva allows the student to design professional-looking graphics and visual charts within minutes. And you won’t even have to learn to work on any new software. Hence, if you want all your design and editing solutions in the same place, then Canva can be your go-to online resource. 

4. Bookwormhub.com 

Bookwormhub is an online productivity tool that can help you handle overwhelming amounts of assignments and homework. It is especially perfect for challenging and complex assignments, as students can acquire help from subject experts through bookwormhub. You can acquire assistance on any subject, from biology to physics and even history. However, you will have to pay extra money to acquire assistance from an expert. But since the rates are reasonable and the return of this investment is expert help, then the extra amount is worth it. Moreover, you can also use bookwormhub to track your homework progress, acquire suggestions, and leave reviews for the experts once the work is completed. 

5. Codeacademy 

With the exponential growth in the STEM field, more students want to learn how to code. Despite having access to coding knowledge, many people are unclear about where to start due to a lack of guidance. If that is you, then Codeacademy is a perfect application that can help you. Codeacademy helps students of every level master coding skills for whichever purpose they intend to use them. Through Codeacademy, students can learn about the basics and advanced knowledge and then apply it through several intricate tests to assess their abilities. They can also acquire feedback on their tests which can help them improve. 

6. Notability 

Notability is one of the best note-taking applications currently available on the market. It is more than a simple note-taking application. Students can also use notability to annotate images, PDFs, and GIFs. They can brainstorm ideas any time of the day and make quick small notes for further reference. You can also use it to record lectures and make notes from them. Moreover, notability allows users to connect, share, and synchronize their data with other students and storage. These include Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. 

7. iStudiez 

iStudiez can be your best friend in tracking your schedules, assignments, homework, grades, etc. It is a planning application that allows you to make easy organizational presentations, calendars, to-do lists, and timetables to help manage your time and schedule. You can also track your educational progress with the help of the grade-graph feature in iStudiez. 

8. GoConqr 

One of the biggest challenges during educational life is retaining the massive amount of information you acquire throughout the course. GoConqr can help you overcome this challenge. It includes many interactive functions such as mind maps, courses, flashcards, quizzes, slides, flowcharts, and notes. You can also access a large digital library and create your learning material. Lastly, there are several community portals where you can connect with other students and learn in an interactive environment. 


College can become less stressful if you acquire the right resources and use the right educational tools. These tools help you study, improve your overall productivity, and improve your college experience. Since technology is evolving rapidly and you must stay in pace, using such tools can help you learn in an interactive and friendly environment without the stress of change and competition. You will perform better in your classes and acquire better management and creativity skills, which will also help you further in life.