Attending parties is so fun until a hangover hits you. It’s okay, there are many remedies to fix that. Life is all about enjoying, so a person shouldn’t worry, hangovers can be fixed with the best medicine for hangover and home remedies as well.  We consulted many specialists to determine which cures of your handy hangover kit genuinely work in order to uncover the best ways to deal with every morning-after symptom that may arise.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Yes, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but there’s a reason why so many experts recommend drinking plenty of water while consuming alcohol. Alcohol, being a diuretic, draws water out of your system (i.e., it makes you urinate more frequently! ), which can quickly dehydrate you. You can also drink pedialyte for hangovers to be hydrated.

If you can’t drink enough fluids throughout the day while consuming alcohol, the next best thing is to rehydrate as much as possible the next day.

  • Ensure that your electrolytes are replenished

While plain water is usually an excellent choice for rehydrating after a night of drinking, it’s also a good idea to drink enough fluids that include electrolytes, which are necessary elements that your body loses (along with water) when you consume alcohol. 

Sports beverages like Gatorade are popular electrolyte sources, but they can be high in added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and food dyes; instead, she suggests coconut water, which is a healthy alternative.

  • Consume a well-balanced meal. 

Because alcohol has an effect on blood sugar levels, eating a meal can help restore these levels while also replenishing critical vitamins and minerals that your body may have lost due to alcohol consumption. In general, it’s best to eat a well-balanced meal with plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, while avoiding fried and sugary foods, which might aggravate hangover symptoms.

  • Take a few pills

Because headaches and body aches are among the most typical symptoms of a hangover, OTC medications such as aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatments may provide some relief (NSAIDs).

However, Dr. Brick cautions that you should never exceed the suggested dosage, as there are some medications that should not be combined with alcohol in excess.

  • Make an effort to get some (mild) exercise

When you’re hungover, you definitely won’t feel like working up a sweat, but a little mild exercise can help you feel better (as long as you remember to stay hydrated).”Exercise gets the blood flowing and more oxygen to the brain, which is a healthy thing.”However, you should avoid pushing yourself too hard, as a strenuous workout might make you feel even more weary — especially if exercise isn’t part of your usual routine, according to Dr. Brick. “Exercising hard when you’re hungover can cause dehydration and increase your hangover symptoms.”

  • Bacon and eggs are a great combination

It’s not just your imagination that makes you feel better when you eat a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Bacon and eggs both include cysteine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce the amount of acetaldehyde in the body, which is one of the consequences of alcohol metabolism that may contribute to some of your hangover symptoms.If you’re vegan, broccoli also has a lot of cysteine, so it might be able to help you get rid of your hangover.

  • Take some ginger with you

Jamie Bacharach, a licensed medical acupuncturist and herbalist with vast expertise helping people fight the effects of hangovers and reset their systems following a hangover, says, “Ginger is a fantastic, natural hangover treatment.”

While there are no studies to support the advantages of ginger for a hangover, it is one of the natural treatments that has been touted repeatedly on the internet. “You can aid to lessen feelings of nausea and indigestion by either eating ginger or drinking ginger tea,” Bacharach advises, “since ginger’s natural properties serve as an effective counter to all hangover-associated symptoms.”

  • Get some sleep 

“Ultimately, sleeping it off is one of the most efficient methods to cure a hangover,” Bacharach explains. “When we have a hangover, our bodies are depleted, and we are unable to resist the hangover or its symptoms.”

If you wake up hungover after a night of drinking, Which of the following is true about Energy Drinks and mixers: consider canceling your plans for the day and cuddling back up into bed—after drinking a large glass of water and eating a hearty breakfast, of course. 

“We may sleep through the period of discomfort and wake up refreshed and renewed by giving our bodies the time they need to recover and regroup.”

You should consult a doctor for the best medicine for a hangover headache if you’re running out of time to do the home remedies. This works quite well for office working people.