You deserve to feel at home and comfortable in your own space. Being surrounded by things you own, however, does not always qualify. There’s a certain amount of style and beauty that’s necessary to turn a house from a place you live to a home. You deserve to love your space, but not everyone has that innate knack or vision to bring their home to life. 

Everyone can do this, from those with massive budgets to those on a shoestring. The key is to understand what updates will make the biggest impact visually. Focus on these, and you too can make your home look like a million bucks: 

  1. Handmade Furniture

Furniture is an art form. It’s functional art, yes, but art is all the same. Like all art, the further away the artist gets from the production, the more soulless and uninspired it becomes. This is true with art, and it’s true with furniture. Sure, you can get a great-looking living room on a budget from Ikea, but then you’ll just have the same space as everyone else. It will just be a home, not your home. 

That’s where handmade furniture comes into play. There are so many benefits of handmade furniture, from its beauty to its longevity to its craftsmanship. Stripped-back pieces that aren’t soft furnishings, in particular, can look phenomenal for generations. Even soft furnishings can be given a new life with reupholstering when the piece has solid bones. 

  1. Built-in Cupboards

Clutter is a huge turnoff for everyone, but that’s where built-in storage comes into play. For the best results, have custom storage that blends directly into the wall. This will help make your home feel open while also housing everything you need to live comfortably. 

  1. Character Features

One of the best and easiest ways to make your home feel richer both in character and in value is to add character features. Crown molding, exposing wood or brick, and so on can all add great character to your property. Even reclaimed wood floors can tell a story. 

  1. Beautiful or Built-In Appliances

Appliances can suck a lot of energy out of your space. They’re also essential. The solution? Choose beautiful appliances that look stunning on their own or build your cupboards around them. Hiding a fridge behind a cupboard door is an old idea but effective. More modern interpretations of this include the hideaway coffee bar

  1. Stunning Fixtures

From the door knobs to the taps, the fixtures are the final icing on the cake that can make your home go from meh to wow. This is particularly true if your property is newly built or doesn’t have any of those old, enviable character features you were hoping for. Fixtures are slightly different than the character features mentioned before since you can quickly change them out, but the benefits remain the same. So change out your lights, your taps, and your doorknobs because doing so will help your home feel like a million bucks.