Nutrition Tips

Optimal nutrition is quintessential for all sportspersons. However, women’s bodies undergo many changes. So, their diet should offer enough nutrition for providing strength and stamina during training and supporting general health. For example, muscle glycogen levels in women deplete slower compared to those in men. It means women’s post-workout diet needs to be different. Here are three tips for women to gain optimal nutrition for top-notch performance.

1. Take Carbs Smartly

During an endurance-based workout, our body breaks down glycogen into glucose for energy. Our body runs out of fuel because of glycogen depletion, thus resulting in exhaustion. Of course, consuming carbohydrates helps prevent glycogen depletion, but taking too many carbs also has side effects such as gaining water weight, digestion issues, and lethargy.  Women burn less glycogen during exercise. Therefore, they should consult a dietician to identify the right amount of carb intake, and follow the guidelines diligently. Generally, the percentage of total calories from carbs should be lesser than the calories from fat and protein. It helps female sportspersons to feel energetic get the most out of their training. 

2. Consume Good-quality Protein

Because of the difference in body composition, protein requirements for female athletes have been recommended to be lower than those for men. But that is not entirely true. Whether for men or women, protein intake depends on the type and duration of an activity or exercise selected. For example, Women in strength training may require more protein compared to endurance training athletes. Sportspersons who need to gain muscle mass, need a higher protein intake. Besides, amino acids in protein play a role in muscle synthesis too. That is why nutrition experts recommend additional protein sources, such as GAT whey protein, to support muscle building. High protein consumption also helps women athletes to maintain lean body mass and lose body fat. In addition, to maintain positive protein synthesis and energy balance, they need to take adequate protein alongside dietary fat.

3. Eat Healthy Fat

Preoccupation with maintaining weight and concerns about body composition make many female athletes take lower-fat diets. However, fat not only helps as fuel to optimize performance but also minimizes the damage from injuries. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that Injured runners had significantly lower intakes of total fat and percentage of kilocalories from fat compared with non-injured runners. Sportspersons should get less than 30 percent of calories from healthy fat sources such as nuts, seeds, nuts, kinds of butter, fatty fish, egg yolks, etc. Remember that protein blends, for example, GAT whey protein may also contain fat. First, choose those with some amount of healthy fats. However, do not rely on protein powders to fulfill the daily fat requirement. Second, your everyday fat intake should include the amount of fat you get from protein sources. Last, stay away from processed and trans fats.

Additional Tip: Get your nutrition profile checked and monitor your iron, calcium, and vitamin B12, D3, and K levels to stay on top of your game.

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