Automobile Industry

All the components in the automobile industry are interconnected through a toll-free number to provide seamless customer service. The key components of the automobile industry include auto dealers, service centres, spare part suppliers, and auto financers. Also, you can prefer UIFN Number which is a Simple & Effective way for your Company to achieve a Global Presence for your Customers.

What makes this 1800 number important is that it is easy to recall and is free for the customer. Let’s find out how this number benefits the automobile industry. 

Making a Purchase

The journey of an automobile buyer begins with the purchase of a new or used product. Businesses need a toll free number service so that customers can enquire about the different models available, pricing, or features. 

This free service acts as an incentive for customers to interact with the agents and find out more about their desired model before making a decision. The call is routed to the agents through an IVR or Integrated Voice Response, where the customer picks an option from a multi-level menu. 

The IVR reduces customer wait times since the call is directed to agents who are free to talk. Lower wait times lead to greater customer satisfaction, higher customer conversion, and improved revenues. 

Improving Staff Productivity

With automatic call recording, the company can monitor the performance of the customer service representative. It’s possible to train the agents in a more focused way after analyzing the recorded calls. 

The performance benchmarks include customer greeting, questions asked, verifications, and query resolution without escalation. Businesses can access call logs and listen to recordings in real-time through the Real-time Analytics Dashboard. It gives the company deeper insights into designing more effective training programs. 

IVR also enables customer feedback, and based on the customer rating, a company can determine an action plan to improve customer satisfaction. 

Reporting a Breakdown

A car breakdown, especially in a remote area, is a nightmare for any car owner. What reassures the customer is prompt attention to their complaint. The toll-free number helps coordinate the entire repair process.

This number ensures 24×7 availability, and when customers face issues like a car breakdown, the call is routed to the nearest service/repair center for faster resolution of the problem. Depending on the nature of the problem, the spare parts company is contacted, and the repair technician can reach the site in the shortest possible time. 

Emergencies such as breakdown rank at the top of the customer satisfaction index, and if handled professionally, significantly increase lead conversion rates for business. The AI-enabled Auto Keyword Analysis Feature helps agents understand the nature of the call and caller sentiment to ensure superior customer service. 

Routine Servicing

Both new and used cars need to be serviced according to a schedule, and this free helpline allows customers to contact the service centre quickly. A representative of the company can visit the customer either at their residence or office and collect the car for servicing. 

After the servicing is complete, an SMS is sent to the customer based on details available with the company for the charges. The customer makes an online payment, and the car is delivered to the customer within the deadline. 

Attending More Customers

Whether it is buying a new car, reporting a breakdown, or getting their cars serviced, customers need immediate attention. With a toll-free number, businesses can handle multiple customers, maintaining the same call quality for all customer’s queries. 

The Auto Disconnect feature limits the duration of incoming calls, and the call ends after a specified time. The call is routed to the customer service representative through Automatic Call-routing. No caller is kept waiting with smart call-routing, and the company does not face caller churn. 

Marketing Campaigns

When automobile companies run print or digital media campaigns to promote specific brands or offer discounts on existing models, this free helpline enables companies to collect customer feedback and queries. 

Marketing campaigns lead to a sudden rise in queries, and businesses efficiently need to handle this increase in call volume. It helps generate new leads, and proper handling by service representatives leads to higher sales. 

Final Thoughts

Knowlarity offers automated call management solutions for the automobile industry. These solutions ensure customers can contact the company from anywhere or anytime with 24×7 availability. It is a cost-effective customer service option since routine queries can be automated. Scaling business is smooth and hassle-free with this toll-free helpline.