It’s time to hit the beaches and the mountains to seek pleasant temperatures. It’s time to wear comfy, breathable fabric again! It’s time to relish different flavours and kinds of ice cream! Yes, finally the summers are here! To beat the scorching heat, it is thought quite necessary to eat right and stay hydrated. Hence, most of the summer dishes and desserts are healthy as well as tasty specially the Costco Mochi Ice Cream. Today we are going to lead you with some top summer dishes and desserts to gear you up already as the season of hot days approaches us. Take some ideas, don your chef’s hat and get ready to try out something new, this summer!

  1. Lemony Chicken Arugula Bowl – Summers are mostly for healthy bowls and green salads. And this lemony chicken arugula bowl ticks both of these two criteria. It is easy to make a delicious yet nutritious summer dish that tends to complement the nutty flavours of the quinoa with the citrusy punch of the lemon. There’s chicken, there’s quinoa and there are a lot of veggies all of which makes this high protein salad full of amazing flavours.
  1. Mojito Cake – If we asked you what’s your go-to summer drink, we knew surely what’s your answer was going to. This is why bakers all around the world brought an interesting fusion of your favourite drink i.e., mojito and magically turned it into a refreshing cake. There are many online bakeries that would love to get this delicious cake delivered to you with their efficient cake delivery in Dehradun or wherever that you are residing. But it would be even better if you choose to bake this refreshing cake out of your love. You can easily find the recipe for this cake online. 
  1. Chilled Cucumber Gazpacho – This summer, give a try to this chilled soup made with juicy tomatoes, yogurt, cilantro, coriander and lime. And which has been further garnished with a dash of seafood in the form of shrimp or else you can even choose to top off with lobster or even crab. It looks quite tempting and how often we get the chance of trying out a cold soup inplace of a hot one, right? So, make sure to give this refreshing soup a try, this summer. 
  1. Icecream cake – You have to give this incredible summer delight, a try for sure. There’s the chillness of the icecream and the sweetness of a cake, bringing both the elements together and turning it into a cake that has to become your favorite summer dessert. You can choose to bake an icecream cake of any of your favourite flavours. This dessert even makes a show stopper across birthday parties, anniversary parties and other such special celebratory occasions.   
  1. Grilled Chipotle Fish Tacos – Raise your hands if you too are a fish lover or rather just give this summer non vegetarian dish a try. These tacos appear to be similar to the ones available at any Mexican restaurant but when served with refreshing peach salsa dip it is sure to take your heart away. It has got that summary, light with a  dash of smokey heat flavour to it which is what makes it a summertime favourite. It has got that adequate spice and adequate slice of fillings in it which is what makes it so yum. 
  1. Cherry Crumble Cake – Summers are here which means it’s time to include berry punch to all our desserts and dishes. One such drool-worthy dessert would be cherry crumble cake. Made with juiciest cherries and further infused with almonds and soured cream, this cherry crunch cake comes topped up beautifully with  crumble topping and often served with a top of custard. 
  1. Teriyaki Mushroom Lettuce Wraps – Often during hot sweaty summer days we don’t feel like much to eat. That is the reason trying out this refreshing wrap with mushrooms and lettuce seems like a great idea. The secret ingredient of this cooling wrap is the homemade teriyaki sauce which seems to take everyone’s breath away. 

So, these were some offbeat dishes and dessert items that you can experiment with during your summer vacation. Break the monotony of trying out those same old kinds of dishes and desserts, one summer after the other. And give these delightful summer dishes/desserts, a try to make some beautiful summertime memories.