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Most marketers labor the point about the weight and significance that content, SEO, and social media have on elevating a brand’s visibility online. However, web design generally gets overlooked. This is surprising when you consider that it all starts from the creation of an online domain. While there’s no denying that the components mentioned earlier matter, a website doesn’t only serve to host data and information. The reality is that it carries just as much weight, if not more so than everything else. It can either break or make your conversions. For this reason, the expertise of a website design company should never be taken for granted. With that said, we’ll cover a few of the top tips in web design that will allow you to attract your target audience, keep users engaged, and generate higher conversion rates as a result. 

Adopt Hick’s Law

There’s a theory named after the British psychologist who originally brought it up, William Hick. The theory essentially states that the duration of time that an individual takes to decide is proportional to their selection of choices. To put it another way, the more options you give people, the longer they’ll take to come to a decision. Whether you’re looking to encourage users to make a purchase or join an email newsletter, you must adopt the same approach and try to limit their options on every web page. In this way, you’ll have a better chance of guiding them to the actions you want them to perform.

Respect the time of your users 

Let’s face it – people can be incredibly impatient when browsing the World Wide Web. In fact, even a few seconds of delay in the load time of a web page can turn them off and make them look elsewhere. It is therefore essential to consider every second when it comes to loading times. Test your website thoroughly and remove or optimize any elements that could be slowing down. Choose a different host if necessary. It may sound like a minor detail, but it will have an impact on your conversions. 

Color is key

Despite being an underrated facet of designing a website, it’s integral in the usability of the online domain and the efficacy of conveying the message of an enterprise to users. Because of this, you must carefully choose color schemes that not only evoke emotion to be conveyed by your brand. But also in terms of functionality. Ensure that it isn’t hard on the eyes and that the text content remains readable. You’ll also want to consider accessibility with those who may have visual impairments.

Keep the design simple

One of the most important principles of web design is simplicity, especially in driving conversions. Apart from time, another source of frustration for many users is complicated navigation. If they have a hard time finding what they need on your website, you’ll lose them before they’ve had the chance to get to know your brand. As such, you must streamline the layout of your web pages to ensure that they have an easier time getting to where they want to be.

Make use of human imagery

Whenever people see a human being on a website, they are usually triggered with an empathic feeling. This is because it is recognizable and can be easier to connect to than other types of imagery. Due to this, you must leverage human images and incorporate them into case studies, landing pages, testimonials, or articles. You’ll boost your conversion rate in this way. 

Don’t forget to look for a website design company

Keeping the job in-house might sound ideal, and in some cases, it is. However, it’s too costly and will leave you with a wider margin for error. Instead, outsource it to a capable website design company. Doing so won’t only help you avoid the cost associated with allocating resources to a department for your web design, but it will enable you to focus on your company’s priorities.


Web design can be complicated, especially when you consider its fickle nature. However, by following all of the tips laid out above, you’ll be guided on how to best design a website that will appeal not only to your intended audience but to a wide range of users.

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