Although televisions have become thinner and lighter over the years, they are still awkward and difficult to move. As a result, many people find themselves stuck with television that could be in a better position for viewing. Tv mounting services can help to solve this problem. It is possible to achieve the perfect viewing angle for any room by mounting the television on the wall.

In addition, TV mounts can be used to create additional space in a room by moving the television off of a dresser or other piece of furniture. As a result, TV mounting services can be an excellent way to improve the function and appearance of your home.

 If you’re looking to purchase a new TV mount, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the market. How do you know which mount is right for your TV and home? Here are the types of Tv Mounts:

Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts are the simplest type of mount. They have a stationary arm that cannot be adjusted, and the TV is secured to the wall with bolts at either side. 

These mounts are best for TVs that don’t require any adjustment, such as for corner mounting or other spaces where you want the television to stay in one place.

Tilting Mounts

Tilting mounts are similar to fixed mounts but provide the flexibility to tilt the TV for optimal viewing angles.

This type of mount can be adjusted up or down by tilting it at an angle and is ideal for rooms with high ceilings or other awkward viewing angles.

Full-Motion Mounts

Full-motion mounts provide the most flexibility in TV mounting. They can be extended, swiveled, and tilted to adjust the viewing angle of the television.

This type of mount is ideal for large spaces where people may want to watch from different angles or positions.

Swivel TV Mount

A swivel TV mount takes things a step further than a tilt mount by allowing you to swivel your TV left or right and tilt it up or down.

This type of mount gives you the most flexibility when it comes to adjusting the position of your TV and is ideal if you want to be able to watch your TV from multiple angles in the room. However, swivel mounts are usually more expensive than other types of mounts.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are used to hang TVs from the ceiling, giving them a floating appearance. This type of mount is great for home theaters or places where wall space is at a premium.

Articulating Mounts

Articulating mounts are similar to full-motion mounts because they can be extended and swiveled.

However, they also offer the ability to rotate the TV 360 degrees, allowing you to watch from any angle.

Cantilever Mounts

Cantilever mounts are similar to full-motion mounts but have a longer arm for a greater range of motion.

These mounts can adjust the viewing angle of the TV and make it easier to move the television out of the way when not in use.

Wall Arm Mounts

Wall arm mounts are similar to cantilever mounts, but the extended arm is not as long and does not offer as much range of motion.

These types of mounts are excellent for areas with limited space since they do not take up any extra wall space when not in use.

Low-Profile Mounts

Low-profile mounts are designed for flat-panel TVs that need to be mounted close to the wall. This mount is perfect for rooms with limited space or ensuring the TV only takes up a little room.

Motorized Mounts

Motorized mounts are perfect for rooms where the TV must be moved frequently to different positions.

These mounts can be programmed with remote controls or apps so that you can adjust the position of the TV from your phone or tablet.

Corner Mounts

Corner mounts are designed to fit snugly in the corner of a room. These mounts are perfect for rooms with limited space or awkward corners where a regular mount wouldn’t fit properly.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves provide an alternative to mounting a TV on the wall. These shelves help keep the television off furniture and allow you to store movies, games, and other items underneath the television.

Outdoor Mounts

Outdoor mounts are designed for TVs that will be used outdoors. These mounts are made of weather-resistant materials and provide a secure mounting option for outdoor viewing. 


With the wide variety of TV mounts available, it is easy to find the perfect mount for your television. Whether you need a fixed mount for a corner space or a full-motion mount for a large living room, there are plenty of options. Be sure to consider all your needs and pick the right mount that best suits your viewing needs. 

At Tv Mounting Austin, we provide a variety of mounts to fit your specific needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you find the perfect mount for your TV.