When numerous people hear the word rehab, they may suppose of only one type of rehab, like physical remedy. But there are numerous types of curatives that can be the focus of a case’s rehab. 

Physical remedy 

Physical Remedy is a broad type of remedy that involves strengthening and conditioning any physical failings after surgery or treatment. Therapists who specialize in areas of physical remedy work with cases to increase their strength and workability in muscles and joints. 

 Occupational remedy 

This type of remedy focuses on the requirements of the case and how they use the injured body part in their day- to- day life to recover those functions. These therapists concentrate on both private and professional tasks. 

For illustration, if a patient types on the computer for work and has weakened fingers, the occupational therapist will work with the case to exercise and strengthen the fingers and acclimatize to any limitations. Occupational remedy is both a combination of rebuilding these deficiencies and chancing workarounds for these life experience. 

 Speech/ Swallowing Therapy 

When a case has a weakness with their mouth or throat that affects their capability to speak or swallow, they work with a speech therapist. The focus of this remedy is on oral deficiencies and strengthening the weakened muscles to enhance a case’s capability to speak.

 Speech and swallowing therapists also treat speech and language bugs that may come from an impairment due to a birth deficiency or youth development. 

Balance Therapy 

 Balance remedy, also related to as vestibular rehab remedy, helps treat problems of the inner ear and the sense of balance that’s controlled by the inner ear. 

 This remedy seeks to enhance a case’s sense of balance as well as reduce their dizziness, vertigo, gaze unstableness, falls, fatigue, nausea, puking, and inadequacy to concentrate. 

 This is done through a series of exercise- based physical remedies that enhance how the case moves their head, their control over their eye movement, and their sense of stability within their body. Through this rehab, cases can overcome their symptoms and reduce their threat of falling. 

 Respiratory remedy 

A respiratory therapist helps treat cases who have problems with their lungs or breathing. They concentrate on a wide number of breathing or airway issues like asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, sleep apnea, and acute respiratory pain cycle, among others. 

 People who have suffered from heart attacks and babies born with respiratory scarcities are also treated by respiratory therapists. Their treatments both strengthen the lungs and airwaves and include exercise and the education of proper breathing techniques. 


 Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology that’s concerned with how the brain and nervous system influence a person’s cognition as well controls certain body movements. 

 Neuropsychologists treat those with nervous system conditions, symptoms of which can include memory difficulties, mood disturbances, learning difficulties, and general nervous system dysfunction. 

 yet, a neuropsychologist can help to give a diagnosis and treat the symptoms, If a doctor can not identify the exact cause of one of these symptoms. Common causes for these types of symptoms include a stroke, progressive ailments, insanity, brain injuries, and learning disabilities. 

 This isn’t to be confused with psychotherapy, as neuropsychologists aren’t counselors. Rather, they’re trying to determine neurological scarcities and help return a case to normal mind and movement functions. 

 Vision Therapy 

 Much like physical remedy strengthens and recovers a certain part of a case’s body, visual remedy helps repair and strengthen a case’s eyes back to full use. 

 Vision Remedy helps with strengthening eye muscles, returning the eyes to a normal position, and training the eyes to work together as a squad again. They also help with changing the way the eye focuses and moves to enhance vision.

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