Recertifying for Lifeline is a crucial step that must be completed annually. Failure to recertify could result in a loss of service.

Recertification can be done by phone or online. Your provider may have different instructions, but they will all require that you recertify to remain eligible for the Lifeline program.

Remaining Eligible

As a Lifeline customer, you must recertify your eligibility yearly to ensure you remain eligible for free monthly talk, text, and data. Your annual recertification must be completed by the date listed in your Lifeline notification letter. If you miss the deadline, your Lifeline service will be suspended, and you can only restart it once you recertify.

When it comes time to recertify, you will receive a physical letter from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) in your mailbox. The letter will contain your recertification application ID and instructions. All acceptable completion means are online, by phone, and by mail.

If you recertify over the phone, you will use an interactive voice response system that supports English and Spanish. The procedure takes roughly 12 to 15 minutes to finish, and you will learn immediately whether you passed or failed.

If you decide to recertify by mail, you must submit proof documents, such as pay stubs, tax returns, utility bills, or cards or letters from assistance programs in which you participate, that confirm your income-based eligibility. Additionally, you must attest that you and every household member receiving Lifeline benefits reside in the same economic unit. According to federal law, the Lifeline discount is only available to one household per year, and it is against the law to seek assistance from more than one provider.

Staying on Top of Notifications

As a consumer, you always receive notifications on your phone or computer. They’re great for telling you breaking news, traffic updates, and more. But they can also become annoying, especially if you constantly get alerts and updates you don’t want or need to see.

Lifeline participants must recertify annually to remain eligible for the program. Anyone who needs to recertify will receive a letter from USAC reminding them to do so. The mail will contain the subscriber’s application ID and date. Depending on the phone provider, you can finish the recertification process online like Assist Wireless or fax.

USAC will also assist with verification for subscribers who were not automatically verified during their initial automated eligibility check. During verification, subscribers will be asked to submit new documentation to prove they meet the national verifier’s eligibility standards.

It is one of the reasons it’s essential to remain up-to-date on all the information about the Lifeline program. If you’re unsure about any of the rules or guidelines associated with the program, contact your service provider and ask for clarification. Also, remember that there may only be one Lifeline account per residence, and the benefits are not transferable.

Communicating with Service Providers

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The national verifier will verify once to confirm that existing Lifeline subscribers meet the data source check requirements. Once the verification process is complete, a subscriber’s anniversary date will be reset. Reverification will occur in groups based on enrollment date, and each group will be announced as the process begins.

Subscribers who fail the national verifier’s automated verification process will receive a notification letter with instructions to submit documentation. USAC will conduct outreach to these subscribers, and the document submission window will be open for 60 days. You can get a list of permitted documents on the page for fixing application errors.

Subscribers can recertify by phone, online, or mobile app. The phone option is the most convenient and can be completed in about 12-15 minutes with English or Spanish support. Recertification can be achieved by clicking the link in the letter or visiting the national verifier website.

Staying Active

Once every year, subscribers must recertify to ensure they still qualify for the program. The national verifier or your state will check to see if you meet the Lifeline eligibility requirements. If they can attest to your compliance, you can continue your service and not lose your free talk, text, and data services.

Whenever it is time to recertify, you will receive a notification from USAC via phone call, email, or text. There will also be a letter with renewal instructions and a copy of the annual recertification form. You can renew your Lifeline and ACP services online, over the phone, or by mail. The easiest way to recertify is over the phone, which takes about 10 minutes. Online renewal is fast and easy as well and gives you immediate results! If you are required to submit documentation, you may not be able to recertify online or over the phone and must do so by mail.Subscribers can recertify by providing their National Verifier Application ID number, which will be in the letter they received from USAC. You can also submit a completed annual recertification form (filled out completely, leaving no blanks) and return it with a cover sheet by the deadline listed on the letter. Alternatively, you can submit documents electronically using the National Verifier web portal, which is available in most states.