The idea of a custom house is based on the imagination and planning of the client. The clients have many ideas about what they should have in their home, but the primary point is that the features and specifications are based on reality. Here the custom home builders come and give suggestions about the features you should add to your home.

Custom Home Builders Suggesting Essential Features

You might be thinking that many features can be added to a house, which is essential. But the specifications the home builders suggest are unique but at the same time important. The features mentioned below are the ones that are recommended the most.

Room to Keep Dirty Shoes

In every house, it is a problem that there is no place for people to put their dirty shoes; although there is a small space designated for it, having a good room is vital. In this room, people can keep their muddy shoes and raincoats before entering the house.

Closet Adjuscent to Bathroom

After taking a bath, you have to come into your room to change. The whole area gets wet and sometimes dirty. Closets adjacent to the bathrooms should be added to avoid getting the room damp.

Extra Pantry Room

A pantry is an area where all ingredients are kept in a large stock. Some people keep these ingredients in the kitchen, but many times they can’t be adjusted. The requirement for extra space or a small pantry room is crucial.

Exclusive Room for Games

Many individuals love to play games and especially indoors, but there is no space. Including a small gaming room will be great as you can put all stuff related to the indoors and outdoor games and have a gathering to play board games.

Laundry Room on Each Floor

It is attractive to have a single laundry room on the ground floor or basement, but the problem is that you have to collect all of the dirty clothes, do the laundry and take the dried clothes to each room on the floors. An exclusive laundry on every floor will save time and effort.

Creating Space with Folding Walls

Many individuals want to divide a large room into different sections, so folding walls for partition. The folding walls will subdivide the room, and at the same time, removing them can create ample space for sitting.

Fireplace Reaching Ceiling

The fireplace design that reaches the ceiling is a unique idea because it covers the whole wall. You can install one-of-a-kind fireplace and chimney designs and styles. Adding openings to the fireplace structure will keep the whole room warm for longer.

Addition of a Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is in villas and mansions, but small houses can also have this part of the annex area. The basement is the right place for a wine cellar, but some house structures are not suitable.

A Central System for Vacuuming

To take the vacuum cleaner from one room to the other can be hectic, so a unique system of wall-mounted vacuuming should be installed. Only the vacuum cleaning pipe is attached to the socket in the wall, and the machine is switched on.

Heating and Cooling System in Floor

A heating and cooling system installed underneath the floor is an excellent idea because it will save money on the HVAC systems installed in each room.

Lights and Outlets Under Kitchen Counters

The idea of installing lights under the kitchen counters can act as emergency lighting. These lights can be switched on when there is a power failure. The switches are also located underneath the counters.

Space for Home Office

There are several ways by which you can convert your bedroom into a small office space. Many foldable and space-efficient furniture is available that can be very useful.

Keep An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan has several advantages; the most important is that the furniture can be removed, and an enormous space can be created.

All of the features mentioned above suggested by custom home builders are essential, but at the same time, unique that will make your house different from others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I include in my custom home?

You have numerous options of features that can be added to your custom home. Separate laundry rooms on each floor, a closet room in the bathroom, a small room for keeping dirty and muddy shoes, and a pantry area are added to the house.

What factors need to be considered in designing a custom built house?

The budget a client gives the custom home builders, the time taken to complete the construction, the location where you want to build the house, and the complexity of the floor plan are the essential factors to consider.

What three features should your future house have?

Experts have suggested having the following three features for a futuristic house;

  1. The cooling and heating system is installed underneath the floor.
  2. Wall-mounted vacuuming system.
  3. Energy-efficient appliances.