Equipment is the most important part of your character, the better it is, the stronger your character.Gear Upgrade service WoW will help you equip your character and prepare them for new raids. However, the best equipment can only be obtained by completing extremely difficult quests or raids, where you can get the highest level equipment. So get started and be fully prepared to level up your hero, go through raids in Northrend and just enjoy the full game. All this will be available if you buy a service from us wotlk boost gear. Preparing to upgrade Wrath of the Lich King Classic is very important. The update itself has long been infamous for the equipment rating system, which in fact should be high.

What will the purchase of this service give you?

Improved items will allow you to constantly progress, move on and you will be able to face the scariest and most powerful enemies in Northrend. Also, you will have a great opportunity to save your precious time, because pumping equipment is a rather long and really boring process. Therefore, we suggest that you shift the responsibility for upgrading your character to us and trust us completely. Our team of qualified players who have been actively playing WoW will be able to upgrade your equipment quickly and efficiently. If we talk about the speed of passing the dungeon, then we will do raids until we get the full set. Depending on what leveling speed you choose, you can increase the leveling speed of equipment. Everything depends only on an additional fee.

What does a boost gear WoW Classic WoTLK?

WotLK in boost includes:

  • Upgrading equipment to the desired level;
  • Loot ; and reputation mining in dungeons
  • The highest achievements;
  • Part of the achievements from passing the dungeons;
  • Account protection with VPN, connect to your country and city;
  • Other equipment and gold

Our team of boosters will quickly sweep through all possible dungeons, plunder everything that can be looted. After that, you can comfortably start your trip to Northrend and be satisfied. You can be completely sure that we are engaged in boosting without the use of various bots, cheats and other third-party programs. Remember, you cannot get into any group without a certain equipment stat. Also keep in mind that we have an additional option, you can watch a live broadcast, that is, watch the process of upgrading your equipment. If you have any questions or you don’t like something during the boosting process, you can contact our support team, who will answer all your questions and advise you before purchasing the service.