Macaroni and Cheese, is a delicious delicacy without a doubt especially with the caterers in Kolkata, here is an amazing recipe that will surely help you make this dish in the vegan version.

Ingredients for the cheese sauce:

  1. Vegan mozzarella
  2. Almond Milk- 200 ml
  3. Gluten Free All Purpose Flour- 3 Tbsp
  4. Vegan Sugar- 1 Tsp
  5. Salt- 3 Tsp
  6. Black Pepper
  7. Margarine- 5 Tbsp
  8. Vegan Parmesan Cheese Seasoning- 2 Cups
  9. Black Pepper

Ingredients for the Pasta:

  1. Macaroni Pasta or Elbow Pasta- 2 ½ cups
  2. Vegetable Oil- 1 Tbsp
  3. Water- 5 cups

Ingredients for the Baking and Serve:

  1. Crispy Vegan Crackers (Alternative of Graham Cracker)
  2. Shredded Vegan Cheese

Preparation time- 5 minutes

Cooking time- 15 minutes

Standards- Pieces (Pcs), Cups (Cup), Grams (Gms), Milliliter (ml), Tablespoon (Tbsp), and Teaspoon (Tsp)

For the cheese sauce:

Step 1- Take a round pan and heat it for 2 mins. Add 5 Tbsp of Margarine into the pan, and let it simmer for 30 seconds until in a state of boil.

Step 2- Add 3 Tbsp of all purpose flour into the pan, and slowly stir it. The mixture will start getting lumps when you’ve to add 200 ml of Almond milk gradually into the pan.

Step 3- Keep stirring the mixture, until you see that the pan is left with almost no lumps. And, the ladder runs clean when you put a figure on it. The mixture should be thick, and cook it until, it turns into a nice mixture for the cheese portion of it.

Step 4- Add 2 Tsp salt, and 2 cups of Vegan Parmesan Cheese Seasoning, and 1 ½ cups of Vegan mozzarella, with 1 Tsp of sugar in it.

Step 5- You’ll see that the mixture has started getting stretched in it, and it has cooked into a thick cheese sauce which is absolutely vegan.

For the pasta Boiling:

Step 1- While your cheese sauce is yet on the stove, take 2 ½ cups of Macaroni or elbow shaped pasta and wash it thoroughly.

Step 2- Take an open vessel, and add 5 cups of water with 1 Tsp of Salt in it. Add the waste pasta into the boiling water, and drop 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil into it.

Step 3- Boil the Macaroni Pasta for 5 mins, and let the noodles become soft and not chewy.

Remember, the pasta should be cooked thoroughly. Even when it has lost the translucent effect, and became completely opaque, let it cook for at least next 2 mins extra. This is a mistake that the caterers in kolkata make, which leads to making the pasta have an unpleasant shewyness to it.

Step 4- Strain the water out, and check on each of the pasta. It is well, cooked and ready for assemblance.

The main reason why we have added oil to the pasta is for the non-saggy noodle effect, and that is the main reason behind each of the macaroni being separate and different from one another. The best caterers in Kolkata never let their pasta stick to each other, probably they’re also using oil to segregate each noodle.

For the Mac and Cheese:

While the rest of the preparation is complete, and has been great all throughout. It is time for the final step towards assembling all the ingredients together. The caterers in Kolkata keep this as the last step for immediate serving, but we are going to bake as well. And remember, the pasta should be boiled while the sauce is still under the process of cooking.

Step 1- While baking the rest of macaroni sauce, you have to keep it stirring or it might get stuck to the pan. Ad, the boiled pasta into the mixture and let it cook for the next steps.

Step 2: The caterers in kolkata add normal mozzarella, but we’re putting Vegan mozzarella into the mixture.

Step 3: As soon as you’ve added Vegan mozzarella into the mac and cheese, the mixture will start getting string stretches in it.

Voila, your pasta is well cooked. Serve it with black pepper for spices, or bake it further by putting Crispy Vegan Crackers and Shredded Vegan Cheese on top. Bake it for next 5 mins and get the ultimate cheese pull for your Mac & Cheese.

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