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To those who don’t know, let us tell you that Vegas is the coolest playground in the world for gaming enthusiasts. It is considered to be a destination that fetches a lot of tourist attention, not only from the United States of America but from around the world. However, there is still a big section of people who are skeptical about getting Vegas package deals as a result of its overwhelming expenditures. 

But, the claim is not true. To keep your spirits alive to plan a trip to Las Vegas, in this section you will be witnessing a complete breakdown of the cost of staying in the American city for almost three days. You can even purchase international flight tickets would be a last alternative because they also offer their clients some spectacular package deals. But, let us first consider the approximate cost that you might have to incur being in the city of casinos, nightlife, and unending fun. 

How Much Is The Cost To Travel To Las Vegas?

You should be ready to spend around $ 246 per day if you are on your Vegas trip, which is the average daily price as per the expenses of other visitors who have been to Vegas. Past travelers have spent, on an average, $ 64 on meals for a day and $ 38 on transportation for traveling around the city. Also, the average price of a hotel in Las Vegas for a couple is $ 253. So a trip to Las Vegas for two people for a week costs on average $ 3446. All these average travel prices have been taken from other people who have visited the city so that we can give you an approximate cost of your expenditures while in the city.

A Las Vegas vacation for a week traditionally costs around $ 1,723 for one person. So a trip to Las Vegas for two people costs about $ 3446 for one week. A two-week trip for two costs $ 6,891 in Las Vegas. If you are traveling with a family of three or four, the price per person would see a decline because children’s tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared accordingly. If you travel slower for a longer period, your daily budget will alleviate as well. To be precise, two people traveling together for a month in Las Vegas can actually have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling for one week in Vegas alone. Isn’t it just amazing? 

Travel Cheap To Las Vegas!

How cheap can you make a Las Vegas vacation? The cheapest trip to Las Vegas costs around $ 93 per person per day for travelers who are wishing to take reserve flights, take on the hassle overhead, and put a limitation on travel expenses. About 1% of rentals are there in the $ 0 to $ 100 range for an entire venue, and vacation rentals can be booked for as less as $ 21 for every single night. These inexpensive rentals need to be booked as soon as you can and may not be in the most favored places. 1-star hotels are more likely to be free, with rooms at a starting range of  around $ 37. Even the cheapest trips are possible depending on where you live and if you can drive.

What Is The Cost Of Hotels In Las Vegas?

In addition to your flight, the hotel you stay at will be your biggest expense. Las Vegas has a wide range of hotels ranging from $ 20 a night to $ 500 + a night. When booking, keep in mind that hotel rooms for one person will cost the same as a room for two. That means you can split the fee between you and a friend. So an $ 80-a-night hotel quickly turns into an affordable $ 40-a-night-per-person price.

I would avoid looking for rooms with more than 3 beds, as the rates for those rooms quickly become expensive. A group of 4 should have 2 bedrooms, rather than overpaying for a large room. Keep in mind that many hotels add a resort fee, which ranges from $ 10 to $ 40 depending on where you are staying. Also, keep in mind that hotel rates during the weekend are dramatically more expensive than rates during the week. 


In the end, it can be said that Las Vegas is a great place to be. Infact, all of your Vegas package deals worries can be left to Expedia, you can dial a phone number for Expedia customer service and get the most out of their services in one go. They are the experts in assisting you with the littlest aspects that can cause a blow to your travel plans. So, get in touch with Expedia and experience the best trip of your lifetime. 

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