The process of Air Conditioning Installation in Sacramento at your home is more complex than you think.. That’s why the installation must be done correctly to have an air conditioning unit that operates efficiently and keeps your room adequately cool. If the AC unit is installed poorly or improperly, it will result in poor cooling, frequent repair needs and increased energy bills.

Buying a super general AC is an important investment for any homeowner. So, you would want to make sure that the money you have spent on it is worth it.  This means ending up with the right AC unit that provides you the desired cooling experience in your home.

Having said that, to have a good experience after you install an AC, you need to consider the above mentioned vital factors :

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The size of an AC

Did you measure the size of your room before getting an AC? No, well this is a common mistake. If you get yourself an AC that is too big according to your room’s size, it will waste the energy and thus, this will cost you more money than it is actually needed to cool the room.  Bigger AC for small rooms will consume more energy, leading to increased electricity bills. While getting too small, the AC unit will fail to cool your room properly. So, it’s vital you choose the right size of an AC according to the size of your room to save energy and money both.

Clearance above the  air conditioning unit

As a general rule of thumb,  the clearance must be at least one foot or 12 inches clearance on each side of your Ac unit.

Choosing the correct location to install the outdoor unit

Both the outdoor and indoor Ac units should be installed at locations where they don’t receive direct sunlight and the water. To have a good cooling in your room, make sure the outdoor unit is installed where it doesn’t get exposed to sun heat directly.  Also, ensure it is at the place where there is no disturbance too and the surface beneath is flat. To keep the outdoor unit protected from rain water, you can have a flat area built that is 2 or 3 inch above the ground and install it there. 

Find a good air conditioning installation company

Whether it is a Water Heater Installation in Sacramento or ac installation, you need a reliable and good company that will install the appliance correctly at good rates. The technicians must be well-versed with all types of models and make and have experience in installing them properly.

Have your drain pipes installed correctly

Drain pipes require to be installed properly or correctly when the ac installation is being done. During humid weather, these pipes drain the water. 

The wall should be strong enough to hold an AC

When the split Ac is installed indoors, the wall where it will be mounted must be strong enough to hold its weight.

Appropriate installation height from ground

When it comes to mounting your split ac, the height from the ground should be at least 7 to 8 feet to enjoy a good cooling in your room.  Wrong installation results in ac and Heating Repair in Sacramento problems. So, it’s crucial to contact ac installation professionals to use your Ac to its full efficiency.