VPN: its 3 main advantages for your security

Nowadays, users are very concerned about their online protection, and even more so since the start of the health crisis. In this context, VPN tools are more popular than ever.

In this article, we tell you what a iTop VPN is and what the advantages of using such a tool are.

What is a VPN

A VPN (acronym for “virtual private network”) is a tool that is used to redirect your connection to a private server. Thus, your IP address (in other words the unique address of your computer) is masked, which helps to protect your identity. When you browse the web through a VPN, the personal data you send is encrypted and transmitted as an unreadable code. Results ? Your Internet service provider has no way of knowing the sites you visit, the applications you use and the data you send and receive.


Protects you on public Wi-Fi networks
VPNs allow you to encrypt the unsecured communications your device sends and receives. Thus, even if your data is intercepted, its content remains unreadable.

Ensures your anonymity
VPNs hide your IP address, location, and activity. With such a tool, you can browse the web privately.

Allows you to bypass content geoblocking
Some VPNs are able to give you access to web content that is blocked for your geographic area.

1. Protects you on public Wi-Fi networks

A VPN is extremely useful for ensuring your protection on unsecured networks and you can easily iTop VPN للكمبيوتر (this is often the case with the Wi-Fi offered in airports, cafes and hotels). If you connect to such a network without taking your precautions, anyone who knows about computers can easily consult your activity history and steal your data: they just have to connect to this public network at the same time. that you. By performing a few simple manipulations, she can then get her hands on the list of sites consulted and the information entered online, such as usernames and passwords.

The VPN Advantage: A VPN encrypts all of your unsecured internet activity, from web browsing to voice over IP calls, helping to prevent potential hacks.

2. Ensures your anonymity

Currently, Internet Service Providers may collect your personal data and then sell it, for example to advertisers to allow them to display targeted advertisements. To trace the source of your Internet activity, these providers use the unique IP address of your device.

The advantage of iTop VPN: A VPN hides your real IP address and encrypts all the data your device receives and sends. Without an IP address, your access provider no longer has a way of knowing your browsing and search history.

3. Allows you to bypass geoblocking

Some VPNs may use an IP address associated with a server in another country, allowing you to access content that is inaccessible in your home due to geoblocking. We invite you to consult the general conditions of service of your streaming service to find out if this practice is authorized. In addition, on the Internet, some countries impose strict restrictions on their users: so be sure to choose an IP located in an area compatible with the content you are interested in.

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