If it’s coming up to the time in which you are going to be taking your MCAT exam, you may be starting to think of ways you can boost your official score. Perhaps you’ve already done some practice exams and they haven’t gone exactly the way you want them to. Luckily, there are a few ways you can boost your MCAT score to be certain you pass the test.

Look back at your previous exam papers

If you have already had a go at some previous exam papers for practice, you will be able to use these to give you a better idea of what your current knowledge of the MCAT is like and what the areas are you need to improve on. If you haven’t already had a go at a practice paper, it may be best to give this a go as even if you already have some ideas of what areas you’re better at than others, doing a practice paper will give you an even better idea of what score you’re currently at and how you can improve upon this. 

Identify the areas you’re good and bad at

This has previously been touched on, however, even without the use of previous exam papers, you will have some knowledge of which areas of the MCAT you are good at and which areas of it you are not so good at. Doing this can really help you with other tips you can use for boosting your MCAT score, as it will give you a better idea of the areas you really need to focus on and the areas you can put aside for a little bit in order to be able to spend more time focusing on those areas you are struggling with. 

Find a good tutor

Regardless of the point of education someone is at, people will often get a tutor to be able to help them further their knowledge and to achieve the best results they possibly can. Even if you find yourself not struggling too much with achieving the MCAT score that you want, it is still always worth finding yourself a good tutor who knows what they’re doing and who can help you in any way possible. They will be able to impart their knowledge and wisdom on to you, as well as helping you find better ways of learning that are more suitable and appropriate for you, as opposed to being quite generic. They can break everything down to you in ways that are easier for you to understand and give you various tasks to do to help increase your learning, such as watching videos and doing quizzes. 

Will these tips help?

Obviously, there’s not always a guarantee when it comes to taking the MCAT that you are going to achieve exactly what you want to achieve, whether that’s passing it or getting a specific score. However, even just putting one of these tips into practice is bound to help you boost your MCAT score, even if it’s only by a few points. After all, it’s only one point that could be the difference between a pass or a fail.