dog training

Is dog training really necessary? My pet already listens to me.

Even if your pet usually listens to you, dog training your pet is essential. Your pet needs to understand basic behaviors and tasks in the event of an emergency or if your pet is in a dangerous situation. Often, even if your pet is scared or unsure, trained behaviors will take over, helping your pet escape a perilous situation.

My dog is old, can he still get training?

Even though the adage suggests that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With consistent practice and positive reinforcement, dogs of any age can learn new tricks.

Is training fun for my dog?

Yes! Training gives your pet a chance to learn new behaviors and think through different tasks. Training offers ongoing enrichment for your pet and provides a fun exercise for you and your pet to do together.

Are there training competitions?

If you happen to have a dog that excels at new behaviors, there are obedience competitions for pets and owners. These competitions make worthy goals to work towards for people exploring advanced behaviors to teach their dog.

My pet isn’t the smartest; can he still go to training?

Often, the issue with learning new behaviors with your dog isn’t intelligence-based but rather the type of training you are doing with your pet. Every dog, just like every person, learns differently and is motivated by different tools. Some dogs need short training sessions with loads of treats, while others require endless repetition and tireless praise. Identifying the best way your pet learns will lead to more successful and better training.

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