What Are Different Types Of Mowers For Golf Course Maintenance

One of the reasons why golf is expensive is the price tag of turf equipment. And, you need mowers, aerators, utility vehicles, carts and many other machines and systems like irrigation systems. Moreover, you use different types of mowers for the maintenance of different sections. Therefore, you need to be good at budget planning. You can save money by utilizing options like used John Deere golf course equipment or leasing golf course equipment. When it comes to making separate lists of brand new golf course machines, used golf course machines and leased golf course equipment, in addition to considering your budget, also consider the application and frequency of use. 

This short article covers different types of mowers for golf course maintenance. Maintaining your turf in the finest possible conditions requires John Deere golf course mowers utilizing cutting-edge technologies. In addition to the right technology, you need to have the knowledge required to achieve uniformity in the grass height in a given section. Depending on the mechanism, the following are the two types of golf course mowers. 

Reel Mower

The manual mower you use in your lawn uses this mechanism. This type of mower consists of a helical structure of blades known as the reel. Blades are combined in a horizontal position. This mechanism for trimming the grass is common in the traditional equipment you use in your house. Manufacturers like John Deere and Toro manufacture reel mowers with multiple reels to cover large areas. There is a wide range of automatic reel mowers available on the market. The rotation of reels in a cylindrical momentum results in perfect height. A reel mower comes with 3 to 7 blades. This allows you to choose the required precision.

Rotary Mower

These mowers use a recent mechanism. The rotary mechanism has gained massive popularity. You can find both automatic and manually operating rotary mowers. Rotary mowers are easy to operate. You simply have to push them forward. When it comes to automatic rotary mowers, you have fuel and electronic engines. This mechanism uses horizontally rotating blades for trimming the grass from upward. You can easily make adjustments to precisely cut grass to a specific height. Blades rotating at rapid speed make rotary mowers faster than reel mowers.

Rotary Mower Versus Reels Mower


You have a large area to maintain in your golf course. You want to make the surface ready for the game as quickly as possible. The speed of rotary mowers makes them suitable for large areas. 


There is no match for reel mechanism when it comes to quality and perfection. The machine cuts grass at a precise height just like scissors. 

Time Consumption 

You have a large area and you want to cut grass just at 1-inch height. Go for John Deere golf course equipment. A rotary mower provides you with the best performance in such areas. 

Locations Capability

A rotary mower is better than a reel mower when it comes to a variety of terrains. This type of mower is perfect for rough areas.