shared office space

Believe it or not! The company you work for has a vibe. This aura often catalyzes the performance and the output. Just moving out for work helps the brain to ‘switch-off and ‘switch-on’ according to the place you are going to. Coming to a well-lit, beautiful, and fully equipped office is the first step towards productivity. If you are missing this first step after all the decentralization, you must know how a Business Center is wonderful and beneficial for your professional as well as mental growth.

The benefits of working in a coworking space in Mumbai  are too many to list; however, one of the key benefits is the cost at which you can have an office on rent. As a professional, you may need the coworking desk or the entire conference room at the coworking center, so make your choice, and accordingly, a package will be made for you. This flexibility of paying for the exact services you are taking boosts your confidence to rent it repeatedly for urgent, or daily job requirements.

Usually, if you rent an entire office, you will always have to bear the responsibility to manage it, manage the salaries, electricity bills, maintenance, and the uncertainty about when the landowner may want you to vacate the office. All these issues become nugatory when you begin to work at an all-managedoffice.

There are times when you wish to meet someone and want to have an office address and a furnished office space for rent sydney​​​​​​​. This is when you can rent out a plug-and-play office. It is absolutely wonderful to know that now you can do that just for a day too. Yes, if on a Sunday, you are expecting guests at home or your children are too noisy, you may walk into our premises and pay for a day and get access to all the amenities. The package for one day begins at just Rs.500 that comes with a desk and a fully equipped network. Now begin the day with us, and allow us to help you progress in your professional journey!

In addition to this, when you are hosting a meeting and want the pantry to be functional too, rent our space and get grand conference rooms, and board rooms that can hold from as small as 4 people to as large as 50 people for the meeting, conference or even for a friendly lunch, post a hectic day. We can devise a package for you that will entail internet, pantry services, water, telephone, and a beautiful ambiance that will facilitate your work. The conference rooms are designed so you and your peers can come together and work towards a common goal. Moreover, when a peer of yours is not able to reach the conference, we also have a video conferencing facility available at our conference/meeting and board rooms.

The packages are nominal and can be worked out on an hourly basis as well as for the full day, depending upon your needs.  Needless to say that remote working will prevail and the demand for conference rooms and meeting rooms will be recurring.

At iKeva we provide meeting rooms, board rooms that are soundproof, and conference rooms with a capacity to hold large crowds too. Most beautifully designed workspace, with a nominal cost to pay for a day, or longer, you will be pleasantly surprised how the vibes impact your productivity. None of the packages we have designed will pinch your pocket while you also enjoy benefits like coffee, tea, snacks, security, comfortable space to work, space to chill, and network with others and most importantly an uninterrupted internet connection.  

Such a space is extremely pertinent for your mental wellbeing, as when you go out, you network with others, and get to know a lot more. You never know how a shared office space can steer your career into something more majestic, where you embark on a journey to reach higher in the hierarchy.