Conception control is a lifestyle individuals (male and female) adopt to prevent unintended gestation, but why is non-hormonal birth control better a better method for controlling birth?  Sources say that the female gender bears ninety percent of the burden when it comes to avoiding unintended gestation.

What Is Non-Hormonal Birth Control?

Non-hormonal conception control technique works naturally with the body’s hormone system. This means the method does not put your hormone in danger. It is the opposite of the hormonal birth control method. 

Below are different types of non-hormonal methods of birth control;

  • Vaginal gel(brand name Phexxi)
  • Shots
  • Condoms
  • Vaginal ring
  • Cervical caps, etc.

On this note, I will share with you 5 pros of Non-hormonal birth control, which has been tested and trusted to have rare side effects because of its non-dependence on the combination method of conception control(progestin and estrogen) to curb gestation.

7 advantages of non-hormonal birth control for both men and women 

A substitute technique of conception control

Those looking for positive means of preventing unintended pregnancy can go for non-hormonal birth control. It is more like a backup method in place of the hormonal technique. For instance, vaginal rings, condoms, patches, injections/shots, etc. This procedure is said to be ninety-five percent useful in protecting you from STIs and curbing unwanted gestation.

It’s long-lasting

Those planning not to get pregnant immediately but in the anticipated end are unrestricted to utilize the non-hormonal technique of conception restraint. Intrauterine device alternative of inception control is the best for those seeking a relatively long period method of preventing pregnancy.

Possesses numerous affordable methods

This birth control technique can be used without medical insurance. Few of them can be found among OTC drugs at a pharmacy or one-stop-shop (Walmart, CVS, Target, Costco, Shoprite, etc.

For example:

  • Femidom 
  • Spermicide (gel, cream, lather, films, and small plug)
  • Phexxi(vaginal gel)
  • EC(emergency contraception)
  • Male rubber(condom)

 It can be occasionally adopted 

 A good example of the most widely used non-hormonal birth control is ‘Condom’. It can be bought without a medical prescription and is accessible at any drugstore or supermarket. Condoms can be used anytime when meeting with your partner.

No negative side results

This contraceptive technique does not affect different fitness situations(hypertension, glucose, etc. Or put your health in critical condition. Diabetic and high blood pressure patients should deviate from hormonal birth. It is risky to their health. It is advisable to consult medical practitioners before alternating for non-hormonal birth control because of any visible side effects.

Suitable for lactating mothers

Breastfeeding moms can enjoy after childbirth In the case of not being ready for another pregnancy, and nursing mothers can opt for non-hormonal birth control. It is safe and effective. 

It does not put smokers in danger.

It is a safe method for those that smoke. Non-hormonal birth control is natural and does not distort the body’s hormones. Notwithstanding, smokers are warned to avoid any hormonal birth control options because of their adverse effects.