Nowadays, everything is designed and created mechanically or electronically; not many things are handmade anymore. Fortunately, some crafts and art artifacts are still handmade. Although mass production and the “digitalization” of the arts have entered our lives via things like Photoshop and digital copying, there are still artists creating unique and original artwork.

One aspect of handmade art which is often not thought of as original and handmade is the art of producing handmade replica paintings of masterpieces. Although it is copy painting, it is an art where a professional artist’s oil painting reproductions are handmade.

This article will look at original portrait creation, hand-painted replica art’s benefits, and where to find such works.   

Quality is an Important Benefit of Hand-Painted Original and Reproduced Portraits

The quality of a hand-painted reproduction is, in principle, the same as when an artist has painted an original painting. However, if you buy your reproduction from a reputable gallery such as “1st Art Gallery,” you can be sure that professional artists will copy your portrait with classical training and that only the best oils and canvasses will be used.  

Unlike mass-produced prints of a masterpiece, hand-painted art reproductions hold the quality and shade of the paint. The colors in a printed copy can fade very quickly.

Suppose you don’t want a reproduction of an existing painting but want an original portrait to be created for you. In that case, a digital printed version’s quality is not comparable to a hand-painted portrait.

Whether you’ve purchased an original handmade oil painting or professionally done hand-painted replica paintings, putting it in an environment with a proper temperature can save it for years. But, of course, even your replica of a classic oil painting will survive for years, just like the original oil drawing or painting.

Originality is Another Important Benefit

Whether your hand-painted portrait is an original landscape, pet portrait, human picture, or a hand-painted replica of an original oil painting, it is a unique painting done explicitly for you. 

And unlike a printed portrait, hand-painted portraits have dimension and depth that enhance the natural appearance and make them much more special than printed versions. 

Some art purists don’t regard hand-painted replica art as “original”, and to a certain extent, they are right. It is not original in that it is not the inspiration and vision of the reproduction artist. But it is “original” because it is a unique replica and that specific replica is a once-off painting. That is the difference between printed replicas and hand-printed replicas. 

Hand-Painted Portraits can Complement your Interior

In general, hand-painted portraits come unframed from the artist. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose a frame that suits the portrait and complements your interior. A new trend is not to frame an original painting. Instead of framing the canvas, you stretch the canvas and hang it without a frame on your wall. 

This “canvas-without-frame” trend applies to original paintings and hand-painted replicas. Unframed canvasses can easily be arranged to complement your interior, and the canvasses will always draw the attention of your quests. 

More Benefits of Hand-Painted Replica Portraits

When we look specifically at hand-painted portraits and replicas of classic oil paintings, there are a few more benefits to mention. The most important one is probably that you cannot afford the original, or the original is part of a permanent collection.  

With hand-painted replicas, you can, in a way, bring the original into your home. You get an affordable copy that looks exactly like the original that you want – with the same type of canvass and paint. Of course, a printed copy will always look like a printed copy, but a hand-painted portrait gives you the feeling of an original painting.

All art lovers have some portraits they just “must-have”. Hand-painted portraits are the solution. If, for instance, you love old ships, a reproduction of a painting of an old boat, like “Ship at Sea, Sunset” by Edward Moran, might be a painting you want to have in your house. Or, if you like abstract objects with bright colors and you just have to have Lyubov Popova’s “Cubist Cityscape 1914” on your walls, the best way to get it there is to purchase a hand-painted reproduction.

And last but not least, hand-painted portraits are always a good investment. As professionally done art reproductions are becoming more “attractive” again in our technological age, your handmade artwork’s value will increase over the years. 

Where do I Find these Galleries, and How do I Choose the Right One?

Many online art studios and art galleries like 1st Art Gallery advertise they can provide hand-painted portraits. They all claim to have professional and trained artists working for them who will be able to provide you with the hand-painted portrait you want. 

However, you must look at the gallery’s track record to find a reputable and trustworthy gallery or studio. Remember; usually, you will be ordering online, and the final product will be shipped to you. Therefore, for most buyers, it is not a matter of walking into the gallery and looking the artist or studio manager in the eye. Instead, you’ll have to rely on their honesty and reliability. 

So, contact the galleries you find online and determine which of them will be the best to provide you with what you want. Remember, purchasing from a gallery that has already been in business for quite a few years is always better. Check the studios’ websites for testimonials and ask them for satisfied clients’ contact details.


There are many benefits to purchasing hand-painted portraits. Not only can you acquire a hand-painted replica of a classic painting that is as near to the original as possible for your home, but you can commission an original hand-painted portrait of yourself or any subject you choose.