Did you know that, of the 8 billion people on Earth, only one percent have ever dunked a basketball? Dunking is one of the most iconic things that you can do in any sport, but there are few people that can make it happen. One of the best things that you can do to increase your odds of dunking a basketball is to get basketball shoes for dunking.

No, it isn’t magic like the movie Like Mike, but it will still help your odds of dunking if you get shoes for jumping higher. The best basketball shoes will allow you to move, cut, run, and jump to the best of your abilities.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn all about the best basketball sneakers for taking your vertical to another level. Keep reading this article for some of the best shoes for dunking today.

Nike LeBron XVI

The Nike LeBron XVI Nike basketball shoes are tailor-made for one of the best dunkers in the history of basketball, LeBron James. These shoes are light and springy, which is perfect for taking your vertical leap up a notch. It also has a spongy feel to it which is nice for a soft landing after a tomahawk slam.

There is also extra room in the forefoot of this shoe, so if you’re someone that prefers a wide toebox then you’ll enjoy playing ball in these Nike basketball shoes. They’ll hold up well thanks to the durable materials that Nike uses for their basketball shoes, just like the Dunk High.

The only real drawback that you’ll experience with the LeBron XVI is the break-in time. These shoes are not game ready out of the box, so you’ll want to make sure that you get some shots up before throwing them on and playing.

Air Jordan XXXV Bred

The most iconic basketball shoe line of all time is the Air Jordan line, so it makes sense that the king of dunking has a shoe on this list. The Air Jordan XXXV Bred is a responsive shoe that is designed for people that want to boost their vertical leap. They’re minimalist basketball shoes that cut all of the unnecessary features in favor of a lightweight shoe.

They’re also great for landing since they have a ton of cushioning and support. It is a perfect mix of lightweight shoes that provides everything you need to cut, play defense, and throw down some nasty slams.

The main drawback to these awesome shoes is that they’re meant for indoor use only. Avoid using these on outdoor courts as they have a tendency to pick up dirt. They also have a slight break-in period, so don’t expect them to be perfect on your feet out of the box.

Nike AlphaDunk

If you’re someone that prefers the ankle support of high-top basketball sneakers then you should take a look at the Nike AlphaDunk basketball shoe. It is one of the most lightweight models available in 2022 and is perfect for that basketball player that wants to play above the rim.

They come equipped with an area in the forefoot that is packed with air for explosive jumping. Add in the padded ankle area and you’ll get all of the support and explosiveness that you could ask for from a basketball shoe.

They’re also durable basketball shoes given how light they are in weight. You won’t need to worry about them falling apart for a long time, which means that you’ll get great value for your money.

There are a couple of drawbacks that you should know about before you pull the trigger and purchase these shoes. They feel a bit bulky compared to other basketball shoes for dunking in this article. Some people don’t like that bulky feeling, no matter how lightweight the shoe is.

It is also not the best option if you’re playing on outdoor courts most of the time. They can lose traction when playing on outdoor courts due to dust and dirt.

Under Armour Curry Flow 8

Another great option when you’re in the market for basketball shoes for dunking is the Under Armour Curry Flow 8. The Flow 8 is the first shoe of Steph Curry’s signature shoe line and it features a ton of Under Armour’s patented UA Flow foam.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will help you bring out the explosiveness in your game then you should give the Flow 8s a chance. They’re comfortable and provide a ton of cushioning to take the strain off of your landings.

They’re also one of the grippiest pairs of basketball sneakers in this article, making them a great fit for indoor courts alike. You’ll get one of the lightest shoes on the market, and these are some of the best basketball shoes when it comes to colors that you can pick from.

Some people like to wear their basketball shoes for dunking when they’re at the court with friends, and then wear them to school or to hang out with friends later. If you’re looking for a shoe that balances athleisure with windmill dunks then you’ll love everything that the Under Armour Curry Flow 8 can do.

There are some drawbacks to consider if you are thinking about getting the Curry Flow 8s. Yes, they’re grippy when you play on an indoor court. If you play on outdoor courts most of the time then these shoes might not be for you. They don’t provide the same performance and grip on outdoor playing surfaces.

They’re also not the most stable when cutting since they use mesh for the upper. They’re comfortable but they’re risky if you have weak ankles.

Get the Perfect Basketball Shoes for Dunking Today

Everyone wants to dunk when they play basketball, but not everyone has the right basketball shoes for dunking. There are a number of great options on the market that provide support and bounce for you to take your vertical leap to new heights. Each of these shoes is a slam dunk if you’re looking for the best basketball shoes, and shoes for jumping higher.

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