GPS trackers are tiny wireless devices that enable you to conveniently track the location of your truck from your tablet, smartphone, and computer. As a commercial fleet operator seeking to enhance logistical efficiency, a GPS tracker will come in handy. These tiny wireless devices will give you peace of mind as you will easily monitor your vehicle and its movement. 

Typically, GPS trackers plug into your truck’s onboard diagnostic computer port. They utilize cellular-based data networks and existing global positioning systems to triangulate the location of your vehicle and display it on a digitized map. Moreover, GPS trackers have extra telemetric abilities using data pulled from your vehicle’s trip computer and OBD-II. This, in turn, allows you to monitor the health of your car, erratic driving behaviors, crashes, and geofencing. 

GPS trackers have been around for a significant period. You must have options when you go looking for a suitable one for your vehicle. This article mentions the best trackers for your truck out of the many overwhelming options in the market.

  1. RAM GPS Vehicle Trackers

RAM trackers are the best overall GPS for your truck tracking system. like Ram Tracking The GPS and the tracking technology allow you to track your vehicle so that you can make informed decisions about route planning and logistics. Moreover, the GPS tracker lets you determine the vehicle’s location, speed, and even how long it has been idle.

It does not matter if you have a fleet of trucks or one truck; RAM truck tracking systems help you to keep on top of your vehicles. These commercial truck tracking devices give you and your clients peace of mind.

  1. Bouncie

Bouncie is one of the best GPS trackers you can buy for your vehicle. It is perfect if you want to monitor the location of your driver and your lorry’s location and safety. It includes route history logging, geofencing, and speed monitoring, which are helpful for any small tracking business. The good thing is the information is updated every 15 seconds. 

The Bouncie provides roadside assistance connectivity and crashes notifications as additional safety features. It has a high initial cost, and you will have to pay a monthly $8 fee to get the most feature-rich and comprehensive tracking device.

  1. Vyncs Pro 4G+

If you want to keep tabs on new drivers, Vyncs Pro 4G+ is here. The Vyncs GPS tracker provides tracking features similar to the Bouncie but lets you configure specific geofence zones. Also, the system sends personalized driver scorecards to help you understand how the driver manages your truck. The shortcoming of the tracker is that it does not have crash detection. However, it can detect erratic or abnormal driver behavior like sudden braking, excessive acceleration, and speeding. 

  1. FastTrack MT-OBD

If your business has a large fleet of tracks, the MasTrack MT-OBD tracker is your perfect solution. MAS stands for mobile access tracking, and it has all the features you would want from a GPS tracker and others geared toward fleet management. Some notable features include towing alerts, speed threshold alerts, tampering alerts, engine idle monitoring, and an integrated backup battery. Thanks to the web-based portal and app, managers can track vehicles using a tablet, smartphone, or computer. 

  1. Optimus GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker-Optimus 2.0 4G LTE allows you to keep track of your GPS real-time information, including real-time movement, speed, and precise location of your vehicle. The appliance also sends email alerts and provides notifications on applications. The tool uses Google Maps, allowing it to provide an interactive interface and street view to the users. It also enables you to easily access the data and reports of your car from anywhere.

  1. Brickhouse Security Tracker

Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker focuses on providing real-time data about your truck and ensuring you get an accurate location. The device is compatible with all web browsers, and you can easily access geofencing, past reports, and detailed reports of the tracker data. 

The Brickhouse Security Tracker offers one of the cheapest subscriptions with easy and hassle-free cancellation. It also has a compact design which makes the appliance untraceable. Moreover, with the 4G coverage across different countries, users can experience fast processing and maintenance. Considering its size, the device is untraceable and can easily sync with nearby locations and share location updates.

  1. Amcrest GPS Tracker

The Amcrest Tracker has a series of features that make it easy for you to locate the exact location of your truck. The magnetic covering box makes it easier to keep the box safe. Moreover, the device allows users to access information on their trucks using their browsers. It is compatible with all devices and gives intelligent reports, making the data understandable.

Bottom Line

The importance of GPS trackers on your vehicle can not be overstated. You will easily track your cars and manage your business with ease. Stolen vehicle recovery will also be much easier with a reliable tracking system. 

The above are a few devices you can use to track your trucks. You can consider additional accessories like dash cams and rearview backup cameras to make your vehicle safer. With all these devices, you will record the time used on the road and manage your logistics better.