Did you know that anglers caught over 950 million fish in 2019 in the United States? Going fishing is undoubtedly one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States. Causal and professional anglers have plenty to do in this sport since there are thousands of different types of fish in the U.S.

But, to master the art of fishing, you’ll need to learn which rod is best to use in each situation. That’s why in today’s post, we’ll go through the various types of fishing rods you’ll need to become the best fisherman.

Trolling Rods

A trolling rod is typically used for slow-moving fishing boat expeditions on a lake or pond. These rods are stiffer than normal and come equipped with a large reel since you’ll need to let the line drift behind the boat. The best fishing boat for trolling are ones that are compact and slow.

So, if you own a small boat, you’ll want to install a trolling rod holder on it as it’s one of the best rods for boat fishing. The only downside of this rod type is that it’s only good for trolling fishing and nothing else.

Surf Fishing Rods

If you don’t have access to a boat, then a surf fishing rod is ideal since it lets you fish from the comfort of the shore or pier. Surf casting rods are durable and come with a lengthy reel, which means you can catch some of the best fish without stepping into the water. You can upgrade the reel to an even more lengthy one to let you cast further out.

These rods tend to be heavy and long, so they aren’t ideal choices when it comes to river or lake fishing.

Ultra-Light Fishing Rods

Being the best fisherman doesn’t mean you’ll need to carry heavy fishing equipment since you can use an ultra-light fishing rod to get the job done. These types of fishing rods are ideal if you plan to go hiking since they are retractable and weigh almost nothing (1 – 4 lb). Ultra-light fishing rods are perfect for beginners, making them a good gift for a newly obtained fishing license.

And if you’re unsure where to obtain a license, check out this blog for more information.

Casting Fishing Rods

Casting fishing rods are the most common type on the market since they’re easy to use and cheap to upkeep. Some high-end casting rods will even have automatic reelers, making fishing an easier task. You can use these rods in almost any environment as they are well-rounded but excel in lakes and rivers.

Choosing From the Different Types of Fishing Rods

As you can see, there are several different types of fishing rods you need to know about if you want to become the best fisherman. But before you dive into harder-to-use rods, be sure to start with beginner-friendly ones like the casting or ultra-light rods. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future reference!

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