spa programs

All available spa programs for couple packages in Singapore salon are aimed at relieving emotional stress, improving the body, and restoring the natural beauty of the face and body. Having crossed our threshold, you will plunge into a relaxing atmosphere filled with peace and tranquility. Our Balinese therapists are proficient in spa and massage techniques, and treatments are performed using high-quality natural cosmetics.

The finest spa is a unique recreation area that creates a serene atmosphere of Balinese luxury and harmony.

Spa programs for women

The programs in the Finest  Spas are aimed primarily at the female audience because they are mainly attended by women. They include various spa treatments for the face, hands, feet, body, hair. As a rule, these are peels, wraps, and massages using algae, sea salt, essential oils, chocolate, honey, natural minerals, herbal extracts, tropical fruit scrubs, and other natural cosmetics.

We offer women’s spa programs:

  • cleansing
  • anti-aging
  • anti-cellulite
  • relaxation
  • shape correcting

Knowing how women love to go out with a friend, we have specially developed unique programs “Girlfriends” and designed for a joint visit to our spa.

The price of the couple spa program depends on the volume and specifics of the procedures included in it.

Spa programs for men

The spa program for men is tailored to men’s needs and is an excellent way to get rid of accumulated fatigue. It provides stress relief and excellent aesthetic effects.

Unfortunately, due to the prevailing stereotypes, men rarely think about the possibility of visiting a spa. Usually, they are brought there by women. But, as practice shows, if a man comes to Finest Spas at least once, in most cases he wants to come to us again.

SPA for two in Singapore

Romantic couple spa programs for two in “Finest Spas” allow you to temporarily “drop” from everyday life and spend several hours with your loved one in the enchanting atmosphere of the distant island of finest, getting emotional and physical pleasure.

The spa program for two is a great opportunity to celebrate an important event – a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, arrange an unusual date, or just be together. Your partner will no doubt appreciate such an unusual gift.

All this takes place in a romantic setting created by the entourage of a tropical island, dim lights, flickering candles, seductive aromas of incense and exotic fruits, the murmur of water, rose petals scattered underfoot, quiet music. We will remove the accumulated fatigue and stress from you, give you new impressions and sensations, and provide an opportunity to feel your closeness to each other.

What a visit to the spa gives

All spa treatments are aimed at improving the body and relieving emotional stress. They stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, promote the elimination of toxins and toxins, and improve the condition of the skin. Spa therapy has a positive effect on immunity, relieves stress, calms the nervous system. After visiting our spa, you will feel lightness, cheerfulness, and a surge of vitality.

immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and pleasure. Surprise and delight your loved one with a certificate for a spa in Singapore for two from Finest Spa It will also be more than appropriate as a gift for a couple for a wedding, anniversary, or anniversary.

Benefits of our SPA for two

We are ready to offer a spa program for two, which is guaranteed to please your couple. Experts will take into account all preferences and wishes, age, and other individual characteristics. For some, we will recommend a sauna or a Thai massage, and for others, facials.

The cost of visiting the salon is not overstated. Even couples on a budget can afford a relaxing stay for two in our spa.

We have created the perfect setting for romantic get-togethers. A date at the spa will never be forgotten. Each pair will be given the necessary attention. You will fall into the caring hands of true professionals. In this case, nothing will distract you from each other. The craftsmen are not only attentive but also tactful.

For all SPA procedures, only high-quality Thai cosmetics are used. It is effective, safe, and has a delicate and pleasant scent. Its use raises the mood and gives only positive emotion

 The prices for the services indicated on the site are minimal.

In the salon “finest” all SPA procedures for face and body are carried out at prices favorable for our regular and new clients. This makes them available to everyone. You can visit the spa even if your budget is limited! Just consult with experts in advance. They will tell you how you can save money. Salon “finest” adheres to a loyal pricing policy and invites you to massage for women, men and children at an optimal cost. Our prices will pleasantly surprise all customers. The low cost of Thai massage and other treatments makes them affordable even for people on a budget.