Healthiest Nuts

If you’re looking for a crunchy snack that’s delicious and healthy, nuts are one of the best options out there.

When it comes to eating healthy food, how do you know which types of nuts are good for you, and which ones aren’t?

Read on for a list of some of the healthiest nuts to eat, so you can keep your diet on track.


Almonds are by far one of the healthiest nuts you can eat thanks to an abundance of vitamin E. This nutrient may help to support eye health and the body’s immune system.

A single ounce of almonds contains around three grams of healthy fiber, which can help you feel fuller for longer. Many people turn to almonds when they want a healthy, crunchy treat.

You can find almonds in salted and unsalted versions, as well as some with a variety of tastebud-pleasing flavors. Try to keep your salt intake low by choosing the unsalted type whenever you can.

Healthiest Nuts: Peanuts

If you’re looking for ways to get more protein in your diet, peanuts are the way to go. These readily available nuts are jam-packed with a range of important essential nutrients.

Peanuts are technically a legume, which means that they’re from a specific plant family although most of us consider them to be a nut. They’re full of antioxidants, flavonoids, and healthy amino acids that can promote good health.

About 100 grams of peanuts contains an impressive 25.8 grams of protein! If you’re not a fan of peanuts, consider trying some delicious protein peanut butters instead.

You’ll also find that peanuts are packed with more than just protein. Minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium are abundant in this popular nut, too.


When it comes to healthy food, walnuts are also at the top of the list. Full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts have been shown to help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.

Eating walnuts may also improve blood pressure levels and help to support a healthy circulator system, according to some studies. They may also help to reduce inflammation which can also be beneficial for pain relief.

One study in college students discovered that eating walnuts may help to improve cognition and focus, too. With a high level of omega-3 and magnesium, these nuts have possible positive benefits for the heart and brain.


Thanks to their appealing texture and delicious flavor, cashews are one of the healthiest nuts, and they’re also one of the most popular. Some studies have shown that a diet including 20-percent of calories from cashews may improve the blood pressure in people who have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

These chewy nuts are also known to boost the level of antioxidants in the body so you can help to fight cell-damaging free radicals. There is also some evidence to suggest that a diet high in cashews can help increase blood sugar in people with metabolic syndrome.

Similar to walnuts, cashews can also reduce blood pressure while increasing the levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. They’re easy to add to recipes or make a delicious snack whenever you’re on the go.


Since they’re high in fiber, pistachios are an excellent healthy snacking choice. These delicious nuts may also improve cholesterol levels while raising the level of “good” HDL in the body.

Eating pistachios could also improve your risk of heart disease such as high blood pressure, weight, and oxidative status. The term oxidative status refers to the level of oxidized chemicals in the blood. When these levels are high, it may contribute to heart disease.

It’s also possible that eating pistachios can help to reduce your blood sugar levels after you eat a meal. Eat one ounce or more of pistachios per day to reduce your risk of heart disease and keep your blood sugar levels in check.


Raw pecans are low in carbohydrates, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free. These delicious nuts have a buttery flavor with a slight natural sweetness, which makes them a popular healthy snack.

Eating raw pecans can add a lot of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to your diet. This will help you feel full and give you a boost in energy levels without the crash.

Pecans are also packed with calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These nutrients can help strengthen the bones, reduce inflammation, and may help lower blood pressure. Since they’re rich in omega-3 fats, pecans can also ease the pain of arthritis.

Eating nuts like pecans can help prevent heart disease, especially in people who have diabetes. Eating just one ounce of nuts when you are hungry will help you feel full, which could make it easier to avoid the temptation to grab something unhealthy.

Pecans are low on the glycemic index, so you won’t experience a spike in blood sugar. Add them to your meals to offset the effects of any high glycemic index foods you eat.

Say Hello to Health with Nuts

As you can see, eating nuts can be a great way to enjoy some delicious and healthy food. Keep this list of the healthiest nuts in mind, so you choose the right type of nuts to keep you full, reduce your risk of heart disease, and provide your body with a range of important nutrients.

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