Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important aspect of any business’ digital marketing. It is widely used practice to optimize websites and to improve their ranking in organic search. With an improved ranking, the website becomes more visible and frequently visited. While the purpose of general SEO is to rank your business based on keywords nationally or even internationally, the local SEO tactic aims at targeting specific audiences in small area to attract local traffic. Local SEO is recommended particularly for small businesses or new businesses. This helps them target market with more potential of responsiveness because products and services are being promoted to local customers in a targeted area. This article discusses benefits and significances of local SEO for your business.

1.      Promising Chances to Rank Higher in Google

Do you think a person sitting in Afghanistan or Pakistan can have any interest in looking for information about auto repair services in Texas? Of course, he won’t be interested in knowing what is being offered in the other part of the world. Unless he deals in auto repair industry, and wants to find out how he can improve his business.

SEO Singapore services include keyword research, technical and on-page SEO, off-site SEO (linkbuilding), and copywriting. The more links they can develop in a bigger package, the faster the results.

It makes sense that consumers tend to search for only those services and products which are offered in their part of the world. So, clearly a business is more likely to use those keywords which help improve business ranking locally, because local SEO is more beneficial than broad and generic keyword stuffing. Studies indicate that more than 75% of users, who search for a nearby business, pay a visit to the facility within a day. The conversion rate of these visitors stands at 28%. Hence, local keywords and SEO are more beneficial when it comes to reaching your local audience and increase conversion rate. You can click here to visit Singapore’s top SEO agency.

2.      Increase Website Traffic with local users

When you make your business SEO generic or national, you will only be driving a fraction of relevant traffic. The biggest advantage of using local SEO is that it boosts relevant traffic to your website; generate more qualified leads for specific webpages. With the help of local SEO, you can enhance your business’ visibility and ranking which can be reflected directly in sales increase as well as adding credibility to your business. If you are just starting up a business on a small scale, local SEO helps make your brand name more recognizable to the local audience. It is ideal digital marketing tool for local businesses to promote their business within a small geographic area.

3.      Conversion Rate is improved

The customer is becoming smarter owing to the market competition as well as amount of information he has at his disposal. A survey by Retail Dive shows that 67% of consumers do their online research before they buy any kind of products or services. With the help of reviews, testimonials, ratings and rankings, customers decide whether they can trust a particular enterprise or not. Around 30% of the internet traffic will purchase from the first page of search engine results. This is where local SEO needs become more evident because with local SEO strategy, you can make your business rank at the top. The conversion rate is increased, so do your sales because local SEO ensures that your business website appears to every customer who looks up for those products and services in a local area in which you are offering your services. With improved visibility, the conversion rate is also improved.

4.      Local SEO = Local Advertisement- Cost

The significance and importance of local advertising is undeniable. Local SEO is the best kind of local advertisement as it connects qualified local audience to your business, without any cost. You can put out all the important information about your business on your website and let the local SEO do its wonders. With local SEO techniques, you can enhance your business’ reach on the internet, and also promote your products effectively. These tactics will improve your business visibility and exposure. Audience from that area will notice your existence, and the products you deal in. Next time when they need any products from your niche, they will come to you. Since Local SEO is free, this advertisement has not cost you a penny and brought all qualified leads at your doorsteps.

5.      Reviews from Real and Local Clients add to credibility

Consumers use digital information to their benefit and look for reviews of a particular product before purchasing it. Without reviews or real user experience sharing, people would be reluctant to put faith in your services. Local SEO can help you secure reviews from local people and previous clients. Previous customers or users can register their thoughts and experience with a specific business, product or service at local listing directories. You can also ask your customers to leave a review about their experience with your services. They will put up a favorable review if they have had a good experience with you. These reviews can become base-point for the future customers to make their mind for getting services from you.

6.      Quickly accessible to customers

It is human nature that we purchase goods only when their need arise. No one searches for products which they don’t need or require. Yes, it is possible that you might be keeping an eye on a Rolex watch, or the latest iPhone, but these are luxury items which live in our dreams and fantasies. So, coming back to other items, a user normally looks for products which they need in near future. E.g. if you are planning on having a dinner, then you’d search for good restaurants near me. An estimate indicates that around 64% of these searchers convert “immediately” or “within one hour.” So, the instant conversion is what they are looking for while searching for local services. So local SEO allow you to include area name, which will make your business appear in top search result. Hence, there is fair possibility of business growth with the help of local SEO because you will become visible to those users who are looking for instant products or services. You can even become the dominant in market by being visible on cyber space; something your business competitors have not considered so far. Of course, when there is only company offering specific products or services, the whole locality will buy from you. No one wants to travel miles or hours to get something which they can have quite nearby.

7.      Phone Searches drive sales

Local SEO targets desktops as well as mobiles web users. Since mobile is getting more popular for searching local services, local SEO can present a more effective and reliable solution. It is economical for the business owners, and user-friendly for the people searching because as per Search Engine Land survey around 79% of mobile owners and 81% of other gadgets users rely on their devices to conduct local services. Hence, when local businesses are looking for ways to promote their products and services, local SEO can help them significantly in optimizing mobile search and improved ranking. As most of the people have started using mobiles to do their query searching, local Search Engine Optimization has become more promising and popular.


If you are looking for ways to expand your local customer base, find cost effective marketing solutions, connect with the local community, raise brand awareness, and improve your business reputation in the region, there is no better way than going for local SEO. It adds to your brand credibility and market dominance.

If you run a local business or if you want to start a small scale business project, then there is one thing you cannot miss out. If you are new to commerce or dealing in a niche market, it is important to harness the power of e-commerce for your business growth and popularity. What better way to boost your business than to go for digital marketing solution and local SEO-ing. Get in touch with a professional digital marketing firm to get heard by your ideal audience, create more leads and conversion rate. With local Search Engine Optomization, you can target both local and national audience because local SEO improves your business’ organic ranking, from where you can expand your business to a national level.

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