Are you putting in too much effort and time to choose the perfect name for your company? Even though the process might seem daunting, you will be able to come up with a perfect name for your company when you understand the different types of names that are available on the market. 

When you understand the different types of names, you will be able to know which name is perfect for your company and which names you should avoid. 

The brand name is known as the identification of a specific company, product, or service. The brand name is the primary thing that will differentiate your business from others. Not to mention, it’s one of the most critical factors for capturing the attention of the customers. 

After you choose the perfect brand name, you need to ensure you’re visiting the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to protect your brand name from any infringement. Keep in mind that understanding the different types of brand names is one of the most important parts of naming your company. 

The name you choose will help you shape your company. Hence, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Here are the most popular types of brand names you need to know. 

Descriptive Brand Names 

Descriptive brand names showcase the products and services of your company. This is why the descriptive brand names are unremarkable. 

Even though the descriptive brand names are functional, keep in mind that you might not be able to showcase your uniqueness and creativity while using these brand names. You often need to rely on the eye-catching taglines that will allow you to convey personality through the names. 

One of the best benefits of descriptive brand names is that they are extremely effective at communicating the core competency of your company clearly. However, when your business grows, the descriptive brand names might start looking unattractive. You will also face various problems when you trademark the descriptive brand names as they are dependent on common phrases and words. 

One Word Names

Probably the best and most famous type of business name you can choose. The one-word business names are not only more popular but also more effective than the other types of business names on the market. If you look at larger companies in the world, you will notice that most of them have one-word names. But do you know why?

This is because one word company names are not only unique and attractive but also super memorable. Your customers will never forget the one-word names. As they are short, your customers will be able to search your business by its name on the internet easily. However, you need to ensure that you’re choosing an informative one-word name for your company that will encourage your potential customers to engage and build relationships with your brand. 

Don’t forget to determine your target audience as well as the products and services of your business while choosing the perfect one-word names. When your company has a perfect one-word name, you will be able to stand apart from the crowd. 

Evocative Brand Names

If you don’t want to choose descriptive brand names and cannot come up with one-word company names, you should consider choosing evocating brand names. These names are dependent on metaphors and suggestions. 

You can become unique and creative when choosing evocative names for your business. Not to mention, these names are one of the first steps in generating a powerful brand voice. As they leave room for interpretation, you can showcase a powerful brand story with the help of evocative names, which will help boost your brand’s online presence. As per Clever, creating a strong online presence will help your business reach more customers.

As evocative names are unique, the trademark process of these names is comparatively easier than the descriptive names. However, make sure you define your expectations before choosing the evocative names, as they sometimes require more effort in marketing. 

Invented Brand Names

This is another popular type of name you can choose for your company. One of the best things about invented brand names is that you don’t need to find a perfect word. All you need to do is allow your creative mind to make one. Invented brand names are not only distinctive but also capable of capturing the attention of the customers. 

Invented names are undoubtedly one of the most creative names business owners can choose. However, keep in mind that they are difficult to conjure. You can also intentionally misspell the brand names to avoid trademark concerns. These misspelled names are also capable of showcasing the original meaning, which will help your brand stay fresh. 

However, remember that there will be no inherent meaning when you create the invented names for the first time. This is why you need to put significant marketing effort and time into developing an engaging brand story. 

Acronymic Brand Names 

Using acronyms as brand names is extremely common yet effective amongst businesses. Business owners have been using acronymic brand names for decades to market their company without confusing the customers. But remember that acronymic brand names aren’t effective for all businesses. Even though they might prove functional, the acronymic brand names lack emotion and meaning unless you have an extremely large and popular business. 

Some great companies such as BMW, KFC, IBM, HP, AARP, etc., have leveraged the benefits of acronymic brand names. Remember that your customers might forget acronymic brand names. Not to mention, your lawyers will also face problems trademarking these names. 

Geographical Brand Names

Sometimes you can choose brand names that are tied to the geographical location of the company. If you manage to come up with a great geographical brand name, you can undoubtedly market your business to thousands of potential customers. 

However, just because geographical names can help you capture the attention of customers doesn’t mean they will prove effective all the time. Naming your company after the geographical location comes with various limitations. Sometimes you might want to expand your brand to a new location. If the name of the company has any geographical location, you will face problems expanding your company to new locations. 


These are the most popular types of brand names you can choose for your company. Do you have any other queries? Make sure you let us know by commenting below.