“Content is king”. If Magine Solutions chose this quote from Bill Gates as a slogan, it is because content, and more specifically text content, is the oil of the net. He is where the value comes from, and he is the one who makes the search engines work. The web copywriter is the one who will refine this raw material. As such, it is an essential agent of the digital economy.

While writing skills are of course essential, the qualities of a good writer extend far beyond. He must master both rhetoric and algorithms. From Google and others, grammar as well as html code. He must have a broad general culture and know the habits of Internet users. He is constantly training to stay up to date in a constantly changing universe. The Magine Solutions copywriting course training allows him to become a premium copywriter, whose skills are actively sought after by website designers.

Who is web writing for?

The good news is that becoming a web editor doesn’t require a BAC +4 or +5 in marketing or development. As long as your spelling is flawless, you have a natural curiosity and you know how to structure your arguments, you can get into web writing.

A good training is nevertheless necessary if one wishes to professionalize. At a minimum, it is necessary to integrate all the elements that make a text pleasant to read and bring value to its readers. Learning to present reasoning, to integrate its content into a strategy and to capture the attention of its target audience requires knowledge of techniques that you can find in Magine Solutions training here https://maginesolutions.com/p/best-online-copywriting-course-and-training-certificate/

Freelance or employee?

The demand for skilled web writers is enormous. Today there are almost 2.9 billion websites in the world and 2 million blog posts are published every day. 33 million users are registered on Facebook in almost every country and the time spent on social networks exceeds 2 hours per day. All of this makes for a huge amount of content consumed daily on the web.

The potential for web writing professionals is almost limitless. The choice between a freelance activity and within a company or an agency will therefore depend on individual preferences.

A self-employed person can organize his work as he wishes, choose his schedules and his missions. On the other hand, he must devote time to his administration, his finances, his promotion and canvassing clients. You also have to deal with more fluctuating income depending on the time of year.

Joining a business ensures a regular salary, and provides a certain security, to the detriment of freedom. You are working on the missions that will have been assigned to you. Within a digital marketing agency or department, you become part of a larger team, which includes developers, conversion specialists, and user experience and customer journey managers.

Whatever your choice of professional status, a specialization will give added value to your expertise.

Web writing professions

As we have seen, the needs for written content on the Web are enormous. And the increase in the consumption of videos and podcasts, far from competing with text, only increases the possibilities. Here is a small overview, far from being exhaustive, of the trades that Magine Solutions training opens up to you.

SEO Specialized Web Writer: To be honest, SEO optimized writing is the core business of web writing. The tasks range from designing product sheets to handling the texts for a showcase site or even writing e-mails and newsletters.

Copywriter: this job is often likened to that of a web editor. However, it differs significantly by a more marketing oriented approach. The copywriter does not only seek to attract Internet users through SEO techniques, his mission is to convert them into potential customers by guiding them through a customer journey. It is therefore a more demanding job, which requires the ability to analyze statistics on the behavior of visitors to a site and its accounts on social networks.

Blogger: It has become the main activity of any company that adopts a content marketing strategy. Its role is to provide, on a regular basis, articles which aim to attract potential customers to a company’s offer. By responding in a relevant way to the problems posed by Internet users.

Social media manager: social networks need to be constantly supplied with content if you want your activity to be visible. They also serve the marketing efforts by promoting blog posts and company-produced videos. Writing on each platform responds to precise codes. And therefore requires a good knowledge of the specificities of each of them.

Scriptwriter: Making a professional quality video, whether educational or entertainment, cannot be improvised. Writing a script with dialogues is essential. On the other hand, good SEO on sharing platforms also requires an SEO-optimized description. This sector is booming. Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world.

White Paper Writer: The white paper is one of the cornerstones of any decent content marketing strategy. It is a document, ranging from less than ten pages to more than a hundred. Which responds extensively to a problem related to an industry. It can also be used to communicate the results of a study carried out by a company. On its sector of activity. Free or paid, the white paper is most of the time used to collect contacts from people interested in the services offered by a company. Writing a white paper requires extensive experience, but is of great value to their sponsors.

In conclusion

Getting into the web writing adventure is within reach for most. The demand for quality content is constantly growing, and new potentials are constantly appearing. By training yourself in writing techniques, you can quickly develop an expertise. That will open the doors to a professionalization of your activity. 

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