Graphic design is more than just creating beautiful images. It is a form of communication that gives the audience the utmost information, ideas, and persuasion to experience a new outlook through the image presentation.

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The evolution of graphic design has created many areas of specialization which you might just be discovering now. With the growing technology, graphic design is categorized into different types.

Types of Graphic Design

  1. Website Design

This type of graphic design specializes in designing web pages, game interfaces, landing pages, and some other interfaces online. It relates closely with UI /UX (User Interface / User Experience). 

Web design ensures that the interfaces are user-friendly, visually appealing, SEO optimized, and easy to navigate. This design requires strong skills in UI/UX, basic coding, SEO, and problem-solving.

  1. Product Design

Product design involves doing research, designing, and developing new products which may be technological. The products need to be wanted by many and avoid violating the competition’s copyright.

Illustrations and prototypes of the products should be sent out before production.

  1. Branding / Visual Identity Design

This design deals with the public perception of a brand (the brand identity). The designs are made in a way to communicate the brand’s message, core values, target audience, and the brand’s mission.

Visual identity design requires skill sets in communication, research, teamwork, and the adobe suite.

  1. Environmental Design

Environmental designs require connecting people to places to make them fun, memorable, and easy to navigate. This combines the knowledge of architecture and landscapes with design to make a perfect description of a place.

You can see the application in maps, signs, museum exhibitions, and others.

  1. Publishing / Publication Design

A graphic designer expert is behind the covers of best-selling books and eye-catching magazines. The book layouts are designed to appeal to the market audience and present information in a way that makes it easy to read. 

Design ranges from font size, images, and the color tone that relates to the project goals. Publication graphic designer works closely with writers and editors.

  1. Animation Design

Animation graphic designers work with other team members to bring their sketches into creative embodiments. 

They use software to make animation videos and cartoons, which may be used for various activities like entertainment on TVs, educational content, brand development, and traffic generation to other websites. 

The designers are skilled in teamwork, problem-solving, video editing, and storyboarding…

  1. Advertising Graphic Design

Advertising graphic design is also called marketing design. This design helps to enhance the audience’s engagement with the business. It communicates the audience’s wants, needs, and awareness of products in a way to facilitate the decision-making of sales.

This type of graphic design requires strong communication, time management, and problem-solving skills.

  1. Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic designs are designs made in motion. They can be in the form of animation, promotional videos, tutorial videos, films, presentations, advertisements, trailers, and many more.

The graphic designers sketch storyboards and bring life to the creativity. In this, there is a need for a strong set of marketing skills.