Marketing has evolved during the previous several years. Customers and marketers have both adapted. It’s no surprise that inbound marketing is the name of the game now that we’ve reached the Age of the Customer.

Marketers must now become more selective and smart in their approach in order to stand out and rise above the sea of data and continual stimulus that your prospective customers are exposed to on a daily basis.

As multimedia becomes more important in our marketing efforts, it’s important to know which formats are most effective at certain stages of the sales funnel.

To that aim, we’d like to go through a simplified form of the normal sales funnel structure—as well as the kind of videos that are most relevant and most inclined—to help you achieve your goals.

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Videos from the Awareness Stage

Potential clients become aware of their pain spots and the issues they wish to address at this stage. They then set out to find out what they could do about it.

It’s an exploring period, and most individuals may not even realize they have a problem, much alone consider making a purchase.

There are three kinds of videos that are particularly well-suited to achieving these goals:

  • Educational Videos: These videos should be relevant to your prospective customers’ problems and present knowledge in a clear and concise way that they will find useful.
  • Video Tutorials: These are procedural in nature and describe a procedure or notion in a step-by-step fashion. They’re simple and straightforward, making them great for getting prospective customers acquainted with the answers to their problems.
  • Social Media Videos: These videos may be anything from instructive to disguised ads. The fact that they are brief and meant to be shared on social networking sites distinguishes them.

Videos from the Stage of Consideration

The sales funnel now moves on to the consideration stage. It begins when the prospective consumer becomes aware of the problems they’re having and realizes they want to address them.

They begin seeking for answers proactively at this time. They’re warm in marketing terms. They begin to evaluate various options for resolving their problems, thus your video material should be more focused and oriented toward the sale. Even so, you don’t have to be overt about it straight away. However, now that your consumers are contemplating making a purchase, you can’t afford to be too distant.

There are a few different sorts of marketing films that may help you get prospective clients from where they are now—looking for solutions—to where you want them to be—choosing your solution:

  • Explainer videos are used to explain complicated concepts in a simple and interesting manner. They mix the appeal of instructional films with the marketing advantages of recommending the company’s solution.
  • Product Films: These videos are an excellent way to highlight certain items or services in a succinct manner. A terrific conversion tool for any eCommerce company that is shockingly undervalued.

Decision-Making Videos

A prospective client reaches the decision stage after determining their need and gathering sufficient knowledge to commit to one of the available options for addressing it.

They’ve finally settled down and are ready to make a buy. They’re hot in terms of marketing.

Customers at this level should be extremely acquainted with you, your product, and your solution if your marketing and sales funnels have been doing their jobs correctly—and incorporating videos goes a long way toward accomplishing exactly that.

Nothing works better in this regard than videos like these:

  • Testimonial Videos: Testimonial videos are ideal for persuading prospective customers about the worth of your product since the information comes from a satisfied—and so regarded as impartial—third party, circumventing prejudices that would occur if the information came directly from you.
  • Company Story Videos: Ideal for establishing a personal, emotional connection with prospective customers. Company narrative films are an excellent way to demonstrate that you are more than a faceless organization and to profit from the trust you may acquire.
  • Commercials: Perhaps the most well-known sort of video among most viewers, commercials must be tailored to the current trends of the online community to whom they are directed. Commercials, when done well, can do wonders for presenting your goods and business.

Consider the ultimate aim for any video material you create as part of your marketing, make sure you deploy it using these tips, and you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of video marketing.