receptionist software programs

For every office or workplace, reception is a very important area. It’s an essential part as it gives the first impression to your visitors. Some years ago, office reception use pen and paper for various works. But, now things have changed and various offices are now going for digital reception. Hence, if you are the one who wants a digital reception then this post is for you. In this article, we are giving you some steps to a Digital Reception and installation of receptionist software programs. 

  1. Start by inviting the guests: It starts with communicating with your visitors from the moment you invite them to your office. Some things that you should include in your invitation are directions to your office, details of the meeting host, and vital documents before they arrive like self-certification, etc.
  1. Pre-register and speedy check-in: Pre-register your visitors to ensure their smooth experience when they get to you. After doing this, you can check them in quickly. Nowadays, speedy check-in processes are mainly favorable because you can keep traffic in your reception flowing properly without the worry of queues. Moreover, you should consider printing a security badge instantly and informing the host about the arrival of visitors by SMS or Email.
  2. Signpost: It’s not good at all that visitors lost in an unknown building. The digital receptionist sign in software makes certain that your visitors have the best experience by giving them way finding information upon arrival. You can make aware them of the following:
  • Their meeting room placed on a map
  • From where to take the lift and what floor to get off
  • Where to get a coffee
  • The nearest toilets
  • The closest fire exits

Hence, signposting your guests to their destination with interactive maps is an amazing idea.

  1. Relocate front -of- house staff for safety: You can also relocate the staff of the front office by providing a digital reception service. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, front office staff can be relocated to a safer area where they can work without the risk of contamination. Hence, advantages of adding digital reception service include:
  • Receptionists can take on new tasks.
  • More reception covers for those with several buildings and reception.
  • Less risk of contamination
  1. Digital receptionist call answering: Have an opportunity for visitors and employees to contact a digital receptionist on demand. It provides a VIP service to visitors with remote receptionists that can securely tend to them. Furthermore, call answering services have some benefits that are as follows:
  • 24X7 support despite of time zones or building locations
  • Real-time as well as on-demand support from the digital receptionist
  • Safe and contamination-free service

# Final Words:

Installing digital receptionist software programs is very important f0r your office. This is an ideal solution that allows guests to enter your building and enter at their destination safely and quickly. Moreover, we hope that this post is useful for you and you can easily follow the steps given above in the post for digital reception.