Policemen's black uniforms and boots in line.

Police shoes are designed for constant loads, long-term wear and possible mechanical damage. After all, today the law enforcement officer patrols the city center, and tomorrow, for example, he is conducting search work on an abandoned unfinished building. And sometimes the duration of the shift can last 12 or more hours, of course, civilian models of boots do not fit here. Therefore, the best solution for police officers is to purchase a comfortable and durable model of the best police boots in the Galls online store at an affordable price. You can be sure of the quality of the purchased shoes, because each product undergoes strict control and monthly testing with daily use.

The best shoes for a police officer

Police shoes in modern conditions are several types of quality products, such as sneakers or boots. Now you can choose for each unit the necessary type of products, depending on the type of service. The main advantage of footwear is its high quality, special properties for use under stress, giving comfort to the feet.

  • Boots. They are more chosen for the winter period, but today there are many models that are summer only. Such boots perfectly fix the ankle joint, providing for dislocations and sprains, protect against water, have a durable sole with oil-petrol resistance and protection against punctures or cuts.
  • Tactical sneakers. Summer type of footwear for service. They have strong soles and excellent ventilation while protecting the foot from damage. Insoles with antibacterial impregnation give comfort in a sock and convenience of service.

Considering the specifics of the work of law enforcement agencies, one should not forget that their employees often have to work in civilian clothes. Therefore, shoes should not attract too much attention. But it should still provide appropriate comfort and functionality.

Police officer boots: Durability and Functionality

When developing models of footwear intended for law enforcement, manufacturers pay great attention to their functional properties and practicality. Police duty boots have special insoles, removable insoles, shock-absorbing soles. Cushioning and elasticity of the sole are achieved due to the multi-layer, the lower part is often made of rubber, and its protectors provide enough friction to even the most slippery surfaces. Duty boots are made from water-repellent but breathable materials. The toe and heel sections are additionally reinforced to protect these areas of the foot while running or walking. The backs are equipped with loops for faster and more comfortable shoeing. The feet in them do not get tired even after long wearing. Thus, the main properties of the best police duty boots:

  • boots material – genuine leather, inserts made of durable breathable textiles improve ventilation and reduce the overall weight of the boots;
  • the lining is also breathable, made of densely filled fabric;
  • protective insert in the sock prevents injuries;
  • the tongue is soft, does not press on the instep;
  • insoles are anatomical, not deformable, breathable;
  • the outsole is energy-absorbing, two-layer, has a durable core and a flexible rubber tread.

Boots for the police are comfortable for the feet, and the durability of products that create maximum comfort, help to endure long shifts more easily. Police boots are ideal for uniforms, emphasize business style, and at the same time make it possible to lighten the load during a long shift or training.