Dandruff is common among kids. It leads to itching and scalp irritation. As kids spend most of their time playing outside, they are more prone to getting dust buildup on their scalps. Exposure to dust is one reason kids get dandruff frequently. However, other reasons also contribute to having a dry and itchy scalp, such as changes in the weather, the diet of the kid, and lack of cleanliness.

What Actually Is Dandruff?

When the layer of dead skin on a child’s scalp starts to shed, it sheds in flakes, known as dandruff. The layer of dead skin is due to a dry and itchy scalp. However, if dandruff is not treated in time, it can lead to seborrheic dermatitis that may cause the scalp to swell.

Is Dandruff Harmful To The Scalp?

Mild or seasonal dandruff is not harmful to the scalp. But if the dandruff case is severe like seborrheic dermatitis, Malassezia, eczema, or psoriasis, it can damage the scalp.

Why Does Dandruff Keep Coming Back?

Despite going through dandruff treatments, you will notice that your kids still have some dandruff. What causes dandruff to come back? This is because the weather doesn’t remain constant. You can lessen your dandruff though. Regularly oiling your kid’s scalp and showering will give your kid a clean scalp. 

When Should You Be Concerned About Your Kid’s Dandruff? 

You should be worried about your child’s dandruff if your child:

  • Is not able to get rid of Dandruff even after the treatment has started 
  • Has a scalp that is becoming sore and red 
  • Has thick, flaky patches appearing on the scalp
  • doesn’t stop scratching even during the night

What Causes Dandruff In Kids? 

There are many causes to why children get dandruff. Let’s look into some:

Not Eating Enough Healthy Food

Kids get Dandruff because they are mostly ignorant of eating healthy food items. Kids like to munch on junk food all day rather than consume healthy food. Not eating proper food can cause malnutrition in kids, because of which they develop a scaly and dry scalp.

Not Shampooing Properly 

Some kids hate baths. They quickly want to get out of the shower. This allows oils and dirt buildup to remain on the scalp causing dandruff. 

Sometimes, parents skip the massaging of the scalp during the shampoo, and not massaging the scalp during shampoo causes the dirt to remain on the scalp. 

Moreover, sometimes, shampoo is washed off partially from the head, and this causes the chemicals from the shampoo to stay on the head resulting in an itchy and dry scalp. 

Using Harsh Hair Products 

Nowadays, there are many fancy shampoos available for kids. Kids love them due to their fruity fragrance and color. However, such shampoos are packed with chemicals that can irritate the sensitive scalp of the kids.

Moreover, sometimes, parents want to style their kids’ hair by using styling products and gels. Such products also lead to dandruff, as the products are not easy to wash off. You must use chemical-free products on your kid’s scalp to avoid buildup of products. 

Ways To Avoid Dandruff On Kids

There are several ways you can use to help your kid with Dandruff. Let’s see some ways.

Keep The Scalp Hydrated

Your kid’s scalp needs to stay hydrated because dandruff is mainly the cause of dryness. Remind your child to drink lots of liquids like water and juices. Moreover, use hydrating shampoos that provide moisture to your child’s scalp. Ask a pharmacist to recommend an excellent nourishing shampoo for kids.

Gently Brush And Massage The Scalp Before Shampooing Your Kid

Massage your kid’s scalp before shampooing. Massaging will encourage blood circulation, causing the shampoo to work well on your kid’s scalp. Moreover, brush your kid’s hair before he heads into the shower. Brushing minimizes the accumulation of flakes and allows the shampoo to lift off the most buildup leaving the scalp clean. 

Add Vegetables To Your Child’s Diet

Children who suffer from dandruff must consume vegetables. Vegetables like peas, sweet corn, and avocado are rich in protein. They are best for nourishing the scalp and preventing dryness. Moreover, foods rich in carbohydrates like carrots, sweet potatoes, and green peas contribute to healthy skin. Doing so will fight the dandruff and help you avoid it.


The causes of dandruff are many. So are the treatments. You can only figure out the right treatment once you identify the cause of dandruff in your kids. Read the above information to assist you in avoiding dandruff in your kids.