Japan has over 120 auctions around the country. Japanese cars are reliable and top-notch. Japan’s export goods include mostly cars. Japan exported 3.4 million new cars across the globe. 

With that said, the USA, Australia, and China were among the top importers of Japanese cars. The USA imported almost 1.3 million cars, Australia 370,351 cars, and China 251,651 units. 

Before importing any vehicle from Japan, it’s better to acknowledge the footsteps. Scams and Frauds happen every day.

Most people don’t get what they offer, and it usually happens with used vehicles. But Japanese cars provide an auction sheet, which has everything about the car. The used car in Japan has a price of $5,320, which increased from the previous year by a little margin. 

The Japanese car auction provides their customer to choose whatever they desire. Hundreds of people from different regions buy their dream vehicles from the Japanese car auction. In the next phase of your article, we’ll guide you about the auction. 

Select a Vehicle 

You can, whether physically, appear atthe auction house or hire someone to bid for you. Before that, you must select your vehicle. Go to any online auction, scroll through the scroll, and select your vehicle. There are over 120 Japanese vehicles new or used in auction houses. Make sure to check the details of your car. 

Other than that, check the inspection sheet of the vehicle. The condition of the car is mentioned on the inspection sheet. It is followed by grading numbers. 

Security Deposit 

The auction has different policies and rules. The bidders can’t bid on the vehicles before paying cashing in the security deposit. The amount will be added to your car price. After submitting the security deposit, the bidder can bid on any vehicleata Japanese car auction. 

Pay before the deadline 

It is better to pay on time. After the payment, the car will proceed to the shipment process. The buyer delays the payment, resulting in losing the vehicle. 

There is a fixed payment time on the transcript. Moreover, make sure to bid on those vehicles where you are comfortable in purchasing. If you can’t pay on time, you won’t be able to ship the vehicle. 

Invoice of the vehicle 

After completing your payment, the auction house will send you an invoice through email. After that, the shipment process will start. The invoice is the final document. You must carefully keep this. 

Moreover, you must have a Bill of landing and Export cancellation certificate. 


After all the payments, including freight charges, the seller ships your car to the provided destination, the ship’s arrival and departureareinformed through an email. The shipping time depends upon your location. 

Custom Clearance 

Now, it’s time to get your car keys in your hand. Customs clearance is the process to clear your car at the port.So, you must follow the government policies to clear your car.