TikTok has become one of the most popular social media app in the recent years. It became this popular because of the short video format that they introduced. Attention span is getting lower and lower these days, hence short form videos are the obvious choice for delivering content. TikTok is also popular for creating and maintaining divergent trends like the ice bucket challenge, we did it Joe and so many more. When a trend takes off it gets plastered everywhere and it is so interesting that people look it up and even contribute to it with their own reactions.

What does art of zoo mean?

Art of zoo is the latest trend running on TikTok and it exploded as soon as it came out. People have been posting their reactions when they look up the term Art of Zoo. The reactions are mostly a mixture of shock and horror, their reactions made the viewers curious about the term so they end up looking it up as well. Resisting curiosity is too much for some people but before you look up the term let’s discuss what it is so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

The term Art of Zoo is another discrete phrase for bestiality, and if you search for the term on google you will see videos of people having sex with animals. After you see for yourself the term makes a lot more sense, I personally didn’t know what this was when I first saw the term. When I looked it up I was horrified to say the least, I am never typing those words in a search bar ever again.

Why did it become so popular?

This trend became popular mainly because of the reactions people had when they saw what it was. Although it might seem mean or strange to horrify someone close to you by showing them what it is and recording their reaction but it was a good idea and those reaction videos did amuse me as well. The reactions were funny because they were almost always severe, people were genuinely horrified, some even fell of their chairs which was hilarious. 

Now that I have equipped you with the knowledge of what it is you can go and look it up if it interests you or just read the rest of the article and move on. Like all trends on TikTok this is optional but if you are a content creator making a reaction video on this is not a bad idea because it will be a guaranteed hit.

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Will Art of Zoo trend last?

There are tons of trends on TikTok and people are so creative that we get a new trend almost everyday. Some trends last months and months on the platform but this Art of Zoo trend isn’t one of them. The more people know about it the least likely is that someone will get surprised by this term, mystery is the main recipe of this trend and when that is gone, the trend will go with it.