Our house is not just a place to reside but a collection of our hopes, dreams and desires. Accent furniture and other home decoration items can provide the finishing touches that transform your house into a place where you feel relaxed and content. They help create an environment fit for hosting loved ones, relaxing by yourself or enjoying life’s simple pleasures with those you cherish most.

As the name suggests, accent furniture is any furniture that is known for more than its functionality which means it creates an impact and turns your room into a style statement. It is used for decorative purposes and accentuates the colours, patterns, and details of the space. 

The classic curved ottomans, centre table for living room. the comfy lounge chair in your favorite corner or those nesting accent table are different accent furniture that can beautify your home. These elevate the style quotient of your home to bring a joyous vibe to the space. Accent furniture is a perfect way to create a unique impression in your abode. Here is why you must use the home decoration items:

  • It helps us develop the house of our dreams. Using things like accent chair for living room, we can play around with multiple colour schemes and décor themes. 
  • Accent furniture like an accent chair for living room has utilitarian needs and are more than just decorative pieces. An accent chair for living room for example can help you relax and the aesthetic value to the space. 
  • Accent furniture becomes the eye-catcher of the visitor by reflecting vibrancy, colours, and definitions of the space. 
  • All the ornamental furniture together provides a wholesome look to the room. 
  • These home decoration items allow us to mix and match various designs and themes such as fusion, contemporary or classic. 

We know it is often confusing to choose between regular furniture and accent furniture. Here are some facts which will tell you how to accent furniture is different from regular furniture. Firstly, accent furniture predominantly is not only for functional purposes rather it is used for ornamental purposes more than for its functionality such as a centre table for living room or an accent table. Second, it comes in vibrant colours and an expansive range of designs to spread liveliness around and is not limited to regular patterns and colours.

Now after looking at all the benefits and meanings of accent furniture let us look at some lovely accent furniture that transforms your house into a home.

Small Tables

The side tables or any other kind of small accent tables complete the entire look of the space because they make it look more styled and inviting. These centre tables for living rooms are more than any home decoration items because they are functional and versatile.  The nesting table depicted below from our collection at the Dekor Company will be a great option. 

Floor Lamps

The most fashionable accent furniture items stand the test of time and they’re made to last as long as your investment! Floor lamps are one of the most popular home decoration items. They are the best addition that you will never regret setting up in your space. These come in numerous varieties and colours that light up all the good moments that you spend in your home. Our Lladro English Floor and Table lamp are vintage in look but modern in use. The golden elongated stand adds the glamour that your space desires. 

Accent Chair for the living room

Chairs are often underestimated when it comes to putting up accent furniture in your house. However, accent chairs for the living room are best to highlight the details of any space. These can be used to add colours and textures along with proving your comfort. Our Italian Pleated accent chair for the living room is all that you have been looking for. The unique and comfortable design serves dual purposes one of accentuating the style and the other of helping you relax. 


For the problems of micro spaces, ottomans come to the rescue since they are phenomenal in serving as leisure cum accent furniture. These are multipurpose gems that can be used as an aesthetic footstool, table substitute, or front bed stools. The one depicted below is the Scottish plead ottoman which is not only classic but also looks luxurious. 

After knowing the details about the best accent furniture, let us now see how and where we can place the accent furniture in your interior space. Here are certain things that one should be mindful of while placing these items. 

  • The fabric of accent furniture– We should be aware of the fact the fabric of the accent furniture be it lounge chairs or ottomans should be different from the basic furniture. Since our main purpose is to accent the look, therefore the different kinds of fabrics do the needful for us. 
  • Colours and Patterns Accent furniture is the best way to complement the pastel or neutral shades in your room. Always choose the furniture, like accent tables, for example, that stands out with its bold look and lavish design. 
  • Heights and Proportion In order to create a definite visual balance, we should consider the heights and proportions of our accent furniture and the regular furniture. Our regular furniture should not be too small or too big as compared to our accent furniture. The same size of furniture and the right proportions give the illusion of bigger and more cohesive spaces. 

These were some of the tips and tricks which will help you choose the right kind of accent furniture next time when you think of buying home decoration items. The accent furniture is the subtle addition that can bring an instant difference in your home décor by simply uplifting the mood, feels, and ambience of your home. Which accent furniture do you plan to bring home?