Are you having friends and family members who are residing in a different part of the world? If then you wish to have some sort of connection with them as going to their place frequently is not possible in the busy schedule that these days people have. In the traditional time, it was quite challenging to have a connection with these kinds of people. Still, with the passage of time, as technology got advanced, people starting having a connection with their loved one with the help of various social networking sites.

There are various kinds of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp that help people in creating a link with people who are living in different areas. However, out of the various sites, Facebook is considered to be the best option.

What is precisely Facebook?

Facebook is a social media network that helps people in creating a link using the online platform. Facebook is a platform that is used for sharing content like text status posts, images, videos. This is a platform on which people of the same interest can share their ideas with each other in a better so that they can explore more ideas and work.

There are different in which a person can connect with other people. For example, people can interact with other people by reacting to their posting in different ways that are offered by Facebook. Even comments and sharing of the post is another way of interacting with other people.

Not only is Facebook a source of entertainment, but it is also a way of making money. People are even earning a massive sum of money with the help of Facebook by increasing their likes on the videos they have posted on their page. Even some of the people Buy Facebook Video Views from reputed and well-established firms.

Suppose you wish to learn about how Facebook is an excellent source of entertainment. Then, first of all, you should understand about some of the basic terms of Facebook as this will help you in learning about the working of Facebook in a better way. So now we will discuss in detail about the various terms:


Newsfeed is basically the place most of the posts of the friends will appear. If you have liked a page related to business PR art, you will get the time to time updation of the page related to your interest. The posts that you have posted or like will be shown in the news feed where your friends will be able to see them.


These are the two terms that are used mainly by the people who are using Facebook. Both these terms have an almost similar meaning. If we talk about the term “post,” then this is a term that is used to describe anything like image, text, videos, location that a person will post on the newsfeed that you and your friends will able to see.


Most of the social networking sites have several friends that will help in increasing the overall growth of the Facebook page. There are mainly two ways of making new friends, either you have the option to send the person the request. Then, when they accept the request, you will be friends, and another option is that the person will send you the request, and when you accept it, then you will be friends.

Facebook is the social networking site that requires both parties to accept the friend request, and in that case, another person will be able to see the posts. If we talk about the personal account, then it can have only up to 5000 friends.


Followers is another best option that is followed by Facebook. At the time you add a new friend, then you will automatically become the follower. This another way of making them friends and make them their friends so that you will be able to see the posts done by another person.

In case if the friend request of a person gets exceeded from 5000, then you can start following the concept of the followers; this will allow you the permission to watch the postings. In case if you wish to increase the number of followers, then you can Buy Facebook Video Views.


This is the term of Facebook that is most of the time confused by the people with the newsfeed; if we talk about the timeline, and then this is basically a personal record of all the posts that you have shared and also the record of the person with whom you have interacted with.

So in case if any of the people have tagged you in a post, then that post will appear in your timeline.

If your friends wish to see your timeline, then they can do so if your privacy settings are accordingly.


This is one of the essential things on Facebook that is like a representation of your image. In the profile, all the essential information related to the person whose account is active is written. This information includes name, photo, hometown, and workplace. After adding this information, you have the option to either disclose it publically or just keep it as a secret.

Sum up:

These are some of the basic information and terms related to Facebook that a person must know; these terms will help a person get the information about the complete working of Facebook. These days Facebook is not only a good source of entertainment but it also a source of making money; the only thing that a person has to keep in mind is that they select the best way of earning money through these sites.

If the views of the post of a person increase to a certain extent, then, in that case, there are chances that your business will expand to a great extent. You even have the option to Buy Facebook Video Views so that you can increase the chances of the expansion of business.