Nowadays, nothing operates without the help of programming languages. Go, also known as Golang, is a programming language developed by Google. It is considered one of the most popular programming languages in today’s time because it is open-source, efficient, fast, and reliable. 

Golang is used to develop enterprise software. Since it is a relatively young language, there are always companies competing to hire Go developers with expertise. If you are unable to find a good Golang developer yourself, it is better to outsource the development work from a development agency. EPAM Anywhere Business is one such agency that can help you with Golang Development.

However, if you want to hire Golang developers yourself, read this blog to find out how to overcome any recruiting obstacles. 

What is Golang? Why consider it for app development?

Go, short for Golang, is an open-source programming language developed by Google to replace languages like C, Java, Python, etc. It has built-in concurrency support, which means that It allows users to write code that can handle multiple tasks at once, making it faster. Golang also has garbage collection that allows the developer to not worry about memory management. It also has built-in security features that make it more secure. 

Recently Golang 1.19 was rolled out for performance improvement and feature addition. These improvements and enhancements are intended to hasten the development of your enterprise apps. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, 11.83% of developers globally favor Golang above other programming languages and also MNCs to hire the best golang developers. 

It is preferred more because it supports cross-platform development; in addition, it also has a default testing system that assists this process. Moreover, cloud-native capabilities can be easily attained through web development utilizing Golang.

Who are Golang Developers?

Generally, a software developer/programmer who makes use of the Go programming language to develop code for further process is referred to as a Golang developer. They are usually Golang experts who work as backend architects, cloud engineers, or DevOps professionals.

Top 4 Skills to Check When You Hire Go Developers

Hiring an expert in the Golang programming language is very expensive since there are only a few good developers. However, when you plan to hire one expert, these are the skills that you should look for when you hire Golang developers for your business. 

1: Golang Concepts: Basic and Advanced

Variables, functions, types, and control structures are among the fundamental Golang programming concepts that your chosen developers should understand thoroughly. The arrays, slices, and maps in Golang should be well understood by them. In addition, a thorough knowledge of fundamental elements like interfaces, pointers, and structs is required, as well as how they promote modularity. 

2. Golang Packages and the Standard Library

A variety of packages, including Archive and Compression Packages, Bytes and String-Related Packages, Miscellaneous Packages, Networking Packages, Collection Packages, and others, are included in the Golang standard library and offer a variety of functions. Examine whether the developers you’ve chosen are aware of these important packages.

3. Testing Capability

Choose Golang programmers that have experience using the built-in support for unit testing that Golang provides. It helps to have a solid understanding of how benchmarking tests are written in conjunction with unit tests. They ought to be able to develop and run tests quickly and effectively by making full use of the go test command, naming conventions, and testing packages.

4. Knowledge of Cloud Computing Technologies

When you hire Go developers, you must see that they have basic knowledge and skills in cloud computing tech. Make sure that you select developers after assessing their data structure expertise. They must have a working knowledge of IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) tools like Terraform, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, etc. Prior to recruiting, you should also think about how well-versed they are in database-related technologies like Amazon, Azure, and SQL/NoSQL.

Final Consideration

Hiring a Golang Developer can be a tricky task; however, it is not impossible. There are many people who are learning Golang development because there is a lack of talent. If you have enough technical knowledge and you look at the skills required to hire Go developers, you can still find a few good golang developers for your business.