What Is Handicap 1.5 In Football Betting

 First of all, we should be aware of the significance of Handicap Betting. But before that, we should know what is Handicap Betting. Handicap Betting is a type of bet which is usually placed that equalizes the possibility of a win for both players or teams over a specific event. This is done by giving an advantage to a weaker team. An advantage is offered in the form of extra goals or extra points. As there are many factors considering the play of the game so smooth functioning of the game the concept is implemented.

Handicap 1.5 is the value which to be subtracted from the total number of points collected. For more information let me know Asian Betting is another name to it, as it rose to popularity firstly in the continent of Asia. Talking in simple terms it is just an extra chance that is offered in the form of an advantage just to maintain fair play just by giving to weaker teams. As you know the game of football is so popular as it has a large audience present globally. It arises when there is foul play in the match to rectify over.

Concept Of Casino In W88

W88 is a website that offers casino games. It is best known for online live casino games and also online live slot games. Online casino games also offer an irresistible facility to place your bets which includes the usage of real cash money. The online casino site comes packed with a full range of exciting casino games from leading software companies. This website offers games such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and various types of slot games. Casino games offer you the richness of casino online live games. W88 is the most trusted website for casino games.

Games that offer excitement for live casino games, jackpot games, Bingo, Craps, Poker, Fishing games, Person to person games, Scratch cards, and many more. The activity related to the casino is offered on each game that is set to happen on this website. W88 comes packed with a huge selection of casino games ready to keep you entertained for hours. Also the game of lottery is offered to play in W88 website. W88 is the interactive website which displays the importance of betting which is offered by various types of games corresponding to every category.

Referral Campaign In W88

If you desire to gain extra income but without betting or playing casino games just by being affiliate in W88 affiliate W88indi. Registering as an affiliate you unlock your possibility to avail extra income. Basically it offers you the opportunity to registering on a link and promote it onto your website. By clicking on which corresponding user is redirected towards the homepage of W88. Through which he can opt to play with his favorite casino game. In this way you can get upto 40% commission if the user plays any respective casino game.

So basically we can refer this program to refer and earn program. It also offers various types of benefit which is indirectly linked to your future outcomes in terms of commission and royalty. This is the feature about which I was unaware of this trending feature. Are you not excited after hearing this option. You are not aware of the market size of this gaming industry. Placing your bets on different casino games, which is avail on virtual gaming platform. It results prediction of different number of events corresponding to play of the game. Football is the most popular sport.


In this article, we came to know the real meaning of handicap 1.5 in football betting. Also came to know about its significant importance relating to the play of game. Just to equalize the probability of win we get introduced to this new concept. We also came to know about the relation of online casino game in W88. We also get to know about affiliate marketing concept which is been introduced in W88. You can easily avail 40% commission just by driving traffic from your website to the homepage of W88 and playing your favorite game for bet.