People consider healthy hair to be shiny hair with a really smooth texture along with clean-cut ends. Everyone has different hair. Some have straight, wavy hair, while others have curly hair. 

Hair comes in different textures as well as colors, and it is equally important to take care of every hair type. For example, if you have curly hair with dandruff, then you should oil your hair to keep it healthy. On the other hand, if you have straight hair with split ends, you should get them trimmed for a neat and clean look. Healthy hair is not only smooth but has a lot of volume as well and is really shiny too. 

Nowadays, we live in a world where air pollution is at its peak, and that is ruining everything around us, including our hair. You will notice that air pollution causes rough hair texture, oiliness, and so much more. This is another reason you should start taking care of your hair more than usual.

How People Keep Your Hair Healthy & Beautiful! 

There are loads of ways people keep healthy hair. For instance, using a great shampoo can make a huge difference in how your hair looks. The shampoo I use is by JuvaBun and is incredible. It makes my hair so soft and strong, plus it enables growth as well. 

Another thing I did to make my hair healthy was that I started wearing hair extensions so that I would not have to apply heat to my natural hair. Remember, heat destroys your hair, which is why you should use it to a minimum. The hair extensions I use are by JuvaBun, which not only add volume to my hair but are shiny too. The texture of the extensions is so great that I can even begin to explain. If you want million-dollar hair, you need to try out these extensions. 

Signs You Have Healthy Hair 

Not sure if you have healthy hair or not? Well, there is no need to worry at all. Have a look down below at some of the signs that indicate that you have healthy hair. 

1- You Have Smooth and Shiny Hair 

If you have silky and smooth hair, it is safe to say that your hair is healthy too. This does not mean that only straight hair is healthy if silky; this applies to all hair types out there. Curly hair can be smooth, too, which means that they are healthy. However, if you do not have smooth hair at all, it is time that you start taking care of them for your own good. 

2- Elasticity 

If you can achieve a bouncy hairstyle that ends up lasting you the entire day, then you have good elasticity in your hair. Elasticity is basically the measure of the strength of one’s hair. 

Moreover, if you have poor elasticity, this leads to hair breakage as well as frizz, which is something all of us hate. If you want to check the elasticity of your hair, you need to start with wet hair. Simply take a stand and stretch it over. If the strand bounced back in place when you let it go, then you have an amazing hair elasticity! 

3- Detangling Hair Easily 

If you have got healthy hair, then brushing your hair and detangling it is never going to be hard. However, do you feel like whenever you brush your hair, they break a bit too much, and detangling them is a nightmare? Well, this indicates that your hair is not at all healthy. 

4- No Hair Fall/Breakage 

Every time your hair falls, it is a sign of unhealthy hair. When tresses are over-exposed, they start becoming brittle, which results in your hair breaking off easily and leaving rough raw ends, which is something none of us want. 

You should check the tresses around your face in order to see how your hair stacks up the pieces. Hair fall and breakage usually happen to hair that is over-worked with heat. If you are someone who experiences no hair fall, then you are one lucky person. This clearly indicates that you have got completely healthy hair. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Keep Your Hair Healthy, Shiny, and Glamorous! 

Here are a bunch of ways you can understand whether you have healthy hair or not. If you feel like you don’t, then you should start taking care of your hair. Start a hair care routine and swear by it. Trust me, if you follow it on a regular basis, you will notice the difference in your hair. Good hair means more confidence. You will feel good making different hairstyles, styling your hair according to the outfit you are wearing, and related stuff. Everyone deserves to feel happy, so start working on your hair to ensure that they remain healthy and beautiful!